Why your Why is so important.

Think about this one for a little bit. Not only how important, but how damaging it can be not finding your why? (Listened to some Simon Sinek today and it hit me)
When you go through life not really understanding how important it is to discover your own personal why. The lack of your why becomes almost like a vacuum. It can suck the life out of you. You see people all the time. At the same job for 40 years, usually a bad attitude about their company and or leaders and disgruntled yet not brave enough to leave. (Been there myself)
So with that in mind, finding your why becomes a life support to you. Once you state your why. Hang onto it. Your purpose is not in the $’s, your purpose is in fulfillment in that field. I ask myself this. Is this a skill or ability I naturally have? Is it a God given skill?
That maybe hard to answer, but it’s possible.
When you can look at a job and know you would take it and not look at the salary, I think your heading in the right direction. Those are the places we are all supposed to be in. To use our God given talents that naturally fulfill us.
So. What is your why in your career or life?Why do you do what you do? (Not to make money) but in your heart, why do you clock in?
Is it feeding your life or is it a drain?
That’s what I love about coaching. My why is inside of each client. If they find their dreams, then I feel fulfilled. It doesn’t get any better than that.