What are you doing?

It’s a simple question and one that needs to be asked much more.

I hear so often all the complaints about someone’s spouse. How they are not doing what they think they should, how they have fallen short or failed.

We point fingers and blame but can you force change on them? Not really, they are the only one that can desire to change. So where does that leave you?

What’s helped me more than anything when I have gotten into those moments.

I have to ask myself. Am I doing all I can in this marriage? Where am I failing or not being a part of a solid connection.

Start with yourself. If you need to ask for forgiveness do it, don’t delay it.

Even better ask your spouse. “What am I doing right and what or where could I improve as a husband/ wife. “ Ask them how they specifically need to see things

Don’t be afraid to ask.