Truth in relationships

When I use the term truth in relationships, people usually go straight to wanting honesty and someone telling them the truth. Thats not what this truth is about.

Truth to me is the very glue that holds any marriage together. Not that your 100% honest and always tell the truth, don’t get me wrong thats a good thing but here is the ugly truth about marriage. There are going to be times when you don’t like each other. Your going to be at odds and your going to be wondering? Who is this person? This is not who I fell in love with. This goes for both husbands and wives. Be honest… you have said some pretty nasty things to your wife haven’t you? Ladies you have emasculated him or made him feel like a real loser before haven’t you? Be honest!

What gets you out of those places? What pulls you back to fall in love with the guy you almost could say you hated just 24 hours ago, or even 30 min ago? I’m going to step out on a ledge here and say the truth. When you stand your marriage on the principles of God you eventually have to face the music that your actions have been just as bad as your spouse, that you have acted in a selfish, self justifying manner that tore the fabric of cloth God sewed together when you made your vow and covenant with God the day you got married. Many times when we calm down, step away from the fight and allow some of God’s grace to enter back into our lives truth is the thing that glues it all together. The truth of God. The truth of a good man that gave into his selfish side for a bit, or one that got defensive. Or the Godly woman that let her emotions drive the car and steer her anger. Reality says we will fail as husband and wife. We are 100% guaranteed to fail each other, it is going to happen and if you think other wise you better get your head out of the sand or out of Pinterest or off FaceBook. Marriage is hard and it takes work everyday, some days more than others.

You married guys out there, I am going to challenge you and your not going to like it one bit. God calls us to love our wives as Christ loved the church, you cant wiggle out of that one and its not dependent on how she is supposed to respect and love you. They are independent of each other and not reliant on the other for anything. So here is the deal.

You feel hurt or disrespected by your wife? Love her anyway. Protect her anyway. You feel like she is cold and distant? Hug her anyway, kiss her anyway. Guys, I’m serious. Never stop loving your wife. Never stop pursuing her and showing her over and over that you love her. She may turn away, she may not even like the reminder. Do it anyway.

God gave you the duty and he was not joking or taking it lightly. I don’t want to hear how she isn’t doing this or that, I don’t want to hear about anything she isn’t doing that she should, I don’t want to hear about you throwing verses in her face of ways she is supposed to be submitting or what she is supposed to be doing. When it comes right down to it you can only change yourself. You are not responsible for her change, thats between her and God. You just do the best you can, you give your 100% and not give up.

I’m sure your waiting for the next paragraph that lists what she is supposed to do right? LOL keep waiting. I am a man that writes from a mans perspective and honestly usually from my biggest failures with my wife. I am learning but I mess up just like everyone else. I have a long list of words and phrases I wish I could take back. But when step out of the selfish place I let myself get to. I see her beautiful smile, I see and hear her laugh, I see her love for God, I see the woman I know is there. Truth calms my spirit if I let it. I can not look into her beautiful face and deny that God brought two flawed people together. The truth of who we are in Gods eyes over shadows anything else or any circumstance around us. Truth reigns. Truth is the glue, the bandaid and the salve that heals.

Are you pursuing the truth in your relationship? Are you mad at your wife? Are you holding onto something you need to let go of? Close your eyes… see her face with a smile, see her at your wedding day, see her laughing. Remember who she is in God’s eyes. Let truth be the magnet that draws you back. Don’t let grudges or bitterness stop you… The fact is God has called you to it, now the question is are you pursuing it or are you hanging onto your emotions or justifying why your hurt or angry? Ask yourself this. Should God be pleased with the way your acting or treating your wife?

So stop reading already… Get up and go love you wife!!!!