Truth about marriage

Not many images have captured marriage as this one.

Marriage is not perfect. It never once functions inside of perfection. God never said it would, so why do we base its success on an image of perfection? Marriage means I will love my wife, protect my wife, no matter how mad, angry, upset, disappointed, or how badly she has missed one of my expectations. It’s unconditional it is not based on her performance. It’s based on the love Jesus gave us as our example.

Don’t get me wrong this is applied to both husband and wife. We both need that same attitude. I’m just speaking from my male point of view here.

Seeing her heart instead of the failure. Seeing who God gave me and who I chose to marry based on His will and guidance in our lives. None of that is dependent on her or him acting and speaking exactly how I expect or want. Loving through disappointment is a huge thing we have go to learn to do. The reason why is because it’s going to happen. I’m 100% accurate on that and I’ll never say 100% right on anything else lol. But on this I know because I know I have failed a lot personally. We are human, we fail it’s a fact. Now the question is, how are you going to choose to respond? Choose to respond? Get it? It’s a choice. Choose love over anger, remember anger is not the sin the action in anger is what is the sin.