The value of thank you.

When you have gone out of your way to serve someone, isn’t it nice when its acknowledged? Just hearing a simple thank you really speaks to our hearts. Don’t get me wrong. We shouldn’t be doing anything just for the boost to our ego or pride it can give. We should be serving just when we see a need. We do good because we see good that needs done, not for the thank you.

Now why don’t we hear these words more in our own homes. Husband and wife should be the place you hear thank you more than anywhere else in your world. More often than not it goes silent and leaves too much area that can make someone feel taken for granted. When we feel taken for granted a sour bitterness can begin to grow and if not fixed can really lead to trouble is so many other areas.

I want every one reading this to realize I am talking to myself just as much as anyone else. I need these reminders to say thank you just like anyone else. One thing I have found in my second marriage is that my attitude is so much different. I went in with a very big presence of God in my life. God worked with me for 7 years before this time and it really feels like He is looking over my shoulder seeing if i learned the lessons He showed me during that time. How do I treat my wife? Am I communicating in a way she needs or a way that makes sense o her. (Yeah I fail at that one a lot haha but working on it) Not so much to always meet her needs but so that my marriage is always number 2 in my life behind God.

This area of saying thank you has been a big one. I can’t imagine going a day or so with out telling my wife thank you for all she does and that I acknowledge the work she does and how thankful I truly am. I find that the more I grow in this area that the more its given back. She really is an amazing woman and I never want her to feel like she is taken for granted. What I am getting at is that we need to keep it on our minds and not let it be forgotten. We have to fight that tendency too think, well thats just normal and just part of life. No!!!!.. both men and women need to stop and say…. “Hey thanks for making the bed this morning or thanks for the great dinner last night it was really good.” It’s far to easy to fall into your own little rut in life even separate from each other, then never think about how someone else is serving you day in day out.

As men, we tend to think of the big things that wow her when in reality she is looking for a lot of the little things that build the relationship. Our problems as men is we can get focused on the big and forget the little things. So in the end the big thing will mean very little because of all the other stuff that was forgotten.

I think all of us, husbands and wives can do better by always keeping an eye out for things to be thankful for. We all like to hear a thank you so why not give them more often.