Loss of leadership in today’s world

Good leaders should be a magnet to those around them.
Good leaders should be a magnet to those around them.


The loss of effective leaders in today’s society.

I was at a seminar a while ago that gave a statistic that shocked me, 80% of the work force would forgo a pay raise in place of having a good quality leader as a boss.

That speaks volumes about where we are today. People have replaced leadership with positions of authority. They are not the same, not even close. Far too many positions are filled by people in positions of authority, but have no leadership skills. This translates to a work force or family that is distrustful. Leadership has to promote trust, it just has to. If there is no trust with in an organization then it becomes selfish from the top down. It can happen at work and at home. When there is no trust in either it will erode everything else around it.

So what is the answer? How do we get our country and society back to a place of trust with good quality leadership?  Hard work and starting at the core of what makes a great organization.  You read about it in the news. When a company goes out and rewards their workers with stocks and time off or they do something to put back into the work force for no other reason than its the right thing to do. We hear about these companies that do it right, and are the top 10 places to work and people are in a long line to be hired there. Why? Because they give back to those that work for them. They see the needs of those they lead and are willing to forgo the highest profit margins so they can give back to create a more solid work force.  It’s celebrated by the news because it’s rare….  That’s sad to me, that should be the norm, that should be the thing that is expected from a business.

As a life coach and leadership coach. This is were we can really make some positive impact in the lives around us.

Producing leaders that are compassionate and caring about those they lead is vital.  A good leader will pull the best out of those around them. They will ignite a fire in those around them, not out of fear but out of respect and a desire to imulate them. A good leader is like a magnet to those around them. They will lift them up directly with encouragment of indirectly just from their presence alone.

Business’s need to see this change, we need to get back to employee loyalty and company loyalty again. People that work for companies for years, why? Because they know that company has a vested interest in them and not just the postion they hold.

The thing we have forgotten is that leadership is not about dictating instructions or yelling orders. Leadership is about relationship and making good connections with people.

The people that you lead are in fact your eyes, your ears and your hands. They are the front line to your clients, they are your representative and they are one of the most important cogs in the wheel that turns your business.