Learning to Let go.

Many things in life we refuse to let go of. Our dependency on money, approval from others, anger and bitterness are all just a few of the things we hang on to or carry with us into new seasons of life.I think this happens more than any of us like to admit. Sometimes we are not even aware of it. It seeps into our relationships with our spouse and friends and can start to set bitter roots that really have nothing to do with the current relationship.The only thing I have found that can free us from the hold our past has on us is a deep, close personal relationship with Christ.

“but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”‭‭ Romans‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭

I believe most don’t understand the weight of this verse and the power it carries. God loved us even when we didn’t love Him. He allowed His son to die for us. Would you sacrifice your child’s life for anything? Look at Abraham. He was going to plunge a knife into his sons chest because God asked him too. I don’t think I could do that to be honest. That verse alone should be the very backing of all other verses about God’s promises to you. He is you fortress, He is your rock, your anchor, He will not leave or forsake you. All of these are based on His love for you no matter who or what you did or have done. Let your mind dwell on that one for a bit. So the question remains, what are you holding onto that is damaging your life right now that needs to go? Anger? Bitterness? Contempt? Comparison? Resentment? Everyone has a few, so don’t feel bad if you find a few things. The real question is if you were to ask God which ones of these do I need to be holding? He would more than likely tell you o let them go and reach for his hand. I would never say I speak for God like some of the current books seem to do. But I do like to think about what God would think about things and might say or react to our silliness in how we deal with life at times. Sad truth is, He is just wanting us to trust Him in all things, not just the easy ones. thats like thinking love is about loving someone when its great. The truth is that true love is loving someone when they are at their worst. Looking through the ugly reactions, the ugly remarks. Those words that hit hard and hurt bad and are uncalled for. But you choose to love the person God sees in them. The heart of the person not just reacting to them in a weak moment of anger. Yes, more letting go of the need to be right, the need to defend, the need for perfection or even the need for someone to do things like you would and expecting them to be just like you. Are you starting to see the desperate need we have to let go and let God. Trust in who He says He is and the promises He has for us, even if we can’t seem to grasp the path getting there. We have to trust He can see out ahead of us when the bad times hit, He knows the blessings hidden in our misery and struggle. His ways are higher than our ways. Its all about trusting Him enough for us to let go of all that has become a weight holding us down. Satan will use those to eat away at your faith and make you feel discouraged and hopeless. Those are not the tools of God. No guilt or shame in His ways. By Him alone we are to stand up again with the strength only He can give us. He tells us in His word so often that we should never doubt but we do. Learning that anything that is hindering your relationships and life today needs to go. Anything that has you doubting God will do what he says He will? That is all from the devil. That is all junk and made to pull you in and eat you up. Its a giant trap that we continue to justify over and over. Its time that ends, its time we start to actually live out the faith we read and talk about, its time to put some action to your faith. In my mind I can image God standing behind us waiting on us to make a move. Thinking Ill take care of you either way you go, I’ll get you were I need you, just move and do something to show that you trust me. Thats s the stuff that goes through my head sometimes. He has got to be very frustrated with out waffling and over thinking ourselves into so many places we are not supposed to be. So start today to look inward and see what is holding you back in life? What things do you need to let go of?