It takes one thing, but you have to start

In marriages we tend to get lazy, we get caught in the rut of day to day. We have stressful season and ones that tax our ability to fill our roles as husband and wife. This can even effect how we feel about each other. Tempers can get short, usually followed by hurt feelings and a sense of being let down by our spouse. So if your a husband that has fallen into the rut of doing your duty, going to work, providing financially. But the truth is your only doing the easy part. You’re only doing the part your either good at or comfortable with. So your wife isn’t happy. You feel you have done your part? Yeah, your wrong. What is your marriage worth to you? I’m speaking from a guys point of view because, well thats what I know. Many times we let pride, ego or a lot of the time just plain laziness stop us from doing the one thing we need to start doing. What is that one thing you ask?

Open your eyes, what is something your not doing that you could be to help your wife. To take one thing off of her plate, one thing off of her never ending list of to do’s. When you get home from work its not just time to sit back and relax. Its now time to get to work. The one thing will be different for everyone. Dishes, laundry, vacuum, you see what Im getting at here? Don’t be that guy that refuses to lift a finger because its “women’s work” that is an idiot. Plus, are you willing to lose your marriage over your stinking pride? Seriously? I know guys that wont pick up a book on marriage to try and better themselves to actually do the work needed in themselves to have a good marriage. All they see are the things she isn’t doing for them. There is usually a long list of grievances on both sides to be fair. But it starts with you. It starts with one change of heart. It starts with you remembering who your wife is and that her heart is important to you and that you need to get off your rear end and do what it takes to build into this woman’s life.

We can really only change ourselves. If I stand and demand my wife change something I don’t like about her, do you think I am going to be greeted with a “Oh yes dear I’ll do that right now.” You may hear it but her heart is full of anger and sarcasm. What I can do is look at my actions and see something I need to change in myself that will actually add to the relationship.

Man and woman, husbands and wives, what is your one thing today that you choose to feed into your relationship? One thing is not all its going to take. But its the start that is whats important. Your one thing will soon turn into two or three and you will enjoy doing them, you know why? You get to see her face smile, you get to know you did something that take some weight off her day to make it a little easier, you did something that she knew you can do and she didn’t have to worry about it. Ladies what are you going to do for your husband? How are you going to speak to his love language? How are you going to change something you are doing or not doing to add to the relationship. Something that he sees as loving and affirming to who he is as a man? The key here is, do them with a good heart, not one of contempt or anger, If you say thank you, honestly mean it, not just because you think you need to feed his ego. Let your good deeds come from a good clean place in your heart because you know who each other really are. Love that person how they need you too.

Pick your one thing and get started ASAP.