“As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Humility is a must for an authentic man. We as men, can easily slip into pride and ego. These are some of the biggest trappings of any man.

The older I get the more I realize my need for God in my life. Not just a small, yeah he is out there type thing, but a daily giving of myself to Him. The reason why is because its so easy for a man to get caught up in his own accomplishments and praise. It goes to our head and it will start to inflate like a balloon. By giving God the glory I am letting the air out of myself, basically. Always point the reason to God and raise him up not ourselves.

The other thing Humility gives us as a man is that it keeps us on the ground with all of those around us. Everyone knows someone that speaks to others from a lofty position. They speak down to you with an authority they have no right to use. Even if they have more knowledge than you in the subject matter it still doesn’t give anyone the right to speak down to others. When that happens their message is lost anyway. No one likes to speak to or take advice from someone that doesn’t have humbled spirit. It also lets you be more empathic to others needs and situations. It keeps your heart from hardening to this world around us and guys. This world needs us to be the best we can be.

We can not be humble to our families, wives or people around us if we are not willing to be humbled before God. That is where the real change starts. That’s why I loved the quote above so much. It is a simple mental picture of the effects of a humbled spirit. It doesn’t guarantee, as a man, we will do it all perfectly. It means we will be able to lead with the right heart. It means the Holy Spirit inside of us has more power, more say and more influence in our daily life than if we let pride lead us.

How can you as a man maintain a spirit of humility? Its fairly simple… read your bible. Its all right there. Let Gods word course through your veins and infuse every ounce of your body an mind. Think of all the things that can be stopped if we not only read it but put it to into practice. Just a few key verse. Philippians 4:8 is one that comes to mind for me. When my mind starts to free wheel on fears and all the unknowns in my life. It can get scary and I can create problems I don’t really have. I stop and compare my thoughts to that verse. And It has yet to not bring me back to reality and Its all because of God’s word that keeps the world at bay.

The other thing is does is keeps your fruit fresh and good and useful. If you want to analyze yourself. What is the thing you talk about the most? What is the thing that passes your lips the most. How are you talking to your spouse? How are you talking to your kids? One thing I have learned is that most times when bad fruit is spewing out of our mouth or we have let anger take the wheel, it has nothing to do with who is in front of you or what the subject is. Its usually deeper, a past hurt or pain or mistreatment and it doesn’t even have to do anything with the person we are yelling at. When we stop and look at our fruit in our life and not a biased view or just the good, but an honest look at the bad, and yes we all have some, don’t try to hide it from yourself, God can see it. He knows your bad fruit and He wants it gone too. Be honest with yourself, or ask a close friend or your spouse to help you see past any blind spots. That being said be ready for what they may say. You can’t get mad or defensive in that situation. You may feel justified in your fruit but its still coming from bad motivation.

Humility. We need it gentlemen. We have to keep our minds focused on it because its so easy to let it slip away and let pride raise to the top. Be vigilant in your prayers and never stop reaching for the man God wants you to become.