God’s dealing with our brokenness.

Our seasons of brokenness are with out a doubt the hardest seasons of our lives. When we feel the world is against us or are experiencing so much injustice that seems to be happening with no answered prayers. We read in the Bible… God’s word itself, how the wicked are dealt with, yet we see the wicked mock God and win. We see evil in our day happening to good righteous people. When we start to question God and his sovereignty in our lives we know we are at a place we never thought we would ever be. I have seen many people go through some extreme hard times. Things I would never wish on anyone. Things that have truly broken them at some point or another.

The hardest part when talking about peoples brokenness is that we can never truly know what they are or have gone through. We can’t ever truly understand until you have been there and lived it out. This does not mean we can not empathize with those in need. We can always be an ear or a shoulder to cry on. We must remember we don’t have to have answers for them to make us feel better. It requires no christianese or bible verses as your answer. It requires genuine humanness, kindness and love.

When I hear more and more from people about these seasons of life that are just so hard and filled with anguish. Financial, relational, abuse, loss and medical problems, things that would be crippling to anyone. It makes you question so many things, things you have believed were rock solid before, your faith takes a hit. You wonder if God is not only there, but you wonder if He has forgotten you or actively turned away from you or even worse has released His wrath on you for a sin or past mistake you might or might not have made. It makes me think of Joesph and all he went through to get to the place God wanted him to be. He went through the mud and grime and the worst of life to be molded into something God needed in his future. Im sure during his time in the pit and in prison that he wasn’t thinking how this was all for his good and had a reason behind it. The hardest part about this kind of thing is getting through it. Yes, just getting through the hard parts that drive us to see just the next moments in life. Not next month, not next year but whats right in front of us because any though of more is overwhelming and often times our thoughts are only negative and we see no light or possibility of anything good. We rarely see the light in the midst of our struggle. Most often its only after we bass through do we see Gods grace or the plan for it all. So that leaves us with somehow getting through the hardest parts so we can get to the place to look back.

I wish there was a set of answers that would walk people through it all so they could rest on solid ground. I used to say there is and its in the Bible but honestly thats one of those christianese answers. Its true but it does more for the person trying to comfort, than the person that actually needs comforting. The biggest thing is to just hang on. I know that sounds stupid, but allowing God the time to finish what was started is really a big step. Putting your head down and focusing on taking the next step. Most often our trouble isn’t that God is punishing us, but its evil that has been done to us. We can’t seem to comprehend that God would allow that kind of evil. I go back to Joesph and use his life as a reflection of our ugly season of life. Its hard to try to speak hope into peoples lives that are in the hardest moments of their lives, its hard to try to encourage when you yourself don’t see it. If you have a friend thats there, be just that. Be a friend, no advice, no going over past mistakes just be there to listen and hear their heart. God will use this time of brokenness and make something beautiful out of it. He will fill the broken places with gold so that the ultimate result is beautiful. I don’t know how and I don’t ever claim to know His methods but when I fall back to the solid things I know who God is. I know He is sovereign, I know He is in control and my job is to do my best (even though at times I know I will fail) but to trust Him and do my best to keep my eyes on Him and not the ugly around me. Thats by far the hardest and most taxing thing we will do and we will fail at it over and over again, But you know what God knows that, He knows our struggle, He knows our weakness, He knows all, there are no surprises.

So my best advice…… simply do your best and hang on to God as best you can. You will fall and you will doubt and you will get angry. He knows, He understands and your hurt does break His heart. He will fill those broken places with gold and some day His purpose will be seen. Until then put your head down and take your next step and move as best you can toward God even if its just a simple prayer made in tears.