Feelings of inadequacy

Inadequacy is something we have all felt at some point in our lives.

New job, new family, moving locations with new surroundings, anything that makes you have those butterflies in your stomachs, wondering if you can do what your getting ready to go into.

I have felt this a lot and honestly the fears that come with it are sometimes overwhelming and can lock you up so tight in life that you feel panic when challenged to reach beyond the routine.

Here is a clue into this. Nothing you try that is new to you will come without feeling some form of apprehension. Can I do this? Am I capable? What if I can’t? This is so much responsibility on me what if I can’t handle it? Well, we never go anywhere in life having all of the answers. If we knew it all we would feel no fear and have no need for prayer or God.

Don’t let the feelings of inadequacy steer you off your path and into the same rut. Let God show you that if you feel inadequate, that God is adequate, where you are not. And that His strength is what gets us through those weak moments. Look at David, Gideon, Moses and many others. All were not sure they could do what God had laid in front of them. They didn’t have a blue print of their life. They didn’t wait for God to say “here is the path I need you on, just follow the green arrow.” these uncomfortable emotions or situations that fill us with fear and are full of feelings of insecurity or inadequacy are in fact very common and God already knows.

We need to look realistically at it these situations and realize God can make me adequate and capable. I just need to be His tool and to move, take the first step and Get your mind out of His way. The truth of the matter is that no matter how inadequate we feel about something, with repeated experience we gain confidence and that feeling of fear or inadequacy fades with real experience.