Getting back to basics.

Getting back to basics
Getting back to basics

It’s been a little while since I had what I call an adventure. I am getting ready to do something that I have wanted to for a long time but just have not taken the time to do.
I am going to start doing over night hiking trips in various places in Missouri and Arkansa in hopes of finding some like minded people that would want to go or just taking my dog Elsa and going for 2 or 3 days taking some photos and enjoying the time out unplugged.
I have a ton of vacation time and plan on taking some of it. I have been getting my gear together for the past month or so and I am just about there. It’s funny how you can reduce your needs down to such a small set of things. I have some of the dead rated foods to try out and figure which ones are good or not. I think I have my gear down to about 30-40 pounds worth of stuff and I can tell you I am excited to set off and do this. If I go alone I plan on taking my bible and use that time to get back to some basics. I have had a few people tell me … Oh yeah I would love that.. Then figure out I’m serious about the over night thing and they are out. LOL that’s ok I get it, it isn’t for everyone. I plan on doing some writing while out there and I am really looking forward to seeing some interesting places and photos to go with them. Sometimes we just need to that time alone and think. No distractions no tv screens no plans other than the simple things of surviving and seeing the wonders of the outdoors. Covering 4-6 miles a day and living out like that as simple as I can, I just love the thought of it. I even want to possible go on a yearly longer one somewhere out west or something. To me one of the fun parts is living on so little. Sleeping in a hammock and cover just me off the ground in a sleeping bag. I know many hear that and think I am crazy haha well that’s a different subject entirely but I think there is a lot to be said for simplifying things to help bring some perspective back into your life. Dealing with the issue of simplistic living and not only making it but flourishing while doing it. I can see some week long hikes in my future.

Local gym Honors wounded officer.

Honoring him and his famiy.
Honoring him and his famiy.

Today I got to be a part of something great. The gym I go to (CrossFit Springfield) has a close relationship with the springfield PD and surrounding police officers. Last week one of ours was shot when he went to a call and he is still in the hospital and has a long road to recovery.
I know several police officers and it really hit home for me. Well today we did whats called a WOD or ( work out of the day) these special ones are to honor people. They are usually much more difficult than the normal ones we do.
Today We honored Aaron Pearson for his service and his sacrifice, to support him and his family, the gym was open to anyone today. All it took to join us was a donation. Well at the end of the day they raised almost $9,000 to go straight to Aaron’s family. The work out was a toughie.

30 min AMRAP: (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 Push Press (115/85lb)

10 KettleBell Swings (55/35lb)

10 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Run 100m
Then Perform,
20 reps of each then Run 200m,
30 reps of each then Run 300m, etc.

This was a burner that’s for sure. I hit my limits a few times and wanted to stop, I looked at the white board that has the WOD written on it along with Aaron’s picture and realized I can keep going. I thought about his kids and his wife and all they are going through. It helped me keep pushing.
At the beginning one of the owners gave a speech and a prayer. He also talked about Aaron’s wife had told him she was ready for him to wake up so they could fight this together. WOW that is love and a true wife. I love how God shows his amazing power even in the midst of horrendous circumstances. I believe in the power of prayer, I have seen it and felt it personally. If you can please add Officer Aaron Pearson and his family in your prayers. It was an honor to be there to see the large crowds. It was said that at the noon class they had 75 people and many more spectating.
FYI the noon class averages 10-20 I would guess normally.
Its good to see a community rally around a needy family that needs financial help and spiritual help. To have the community gather around and rally to the call. It warms my heart and helps us see that there are many good people still out there.

Trying to counter spammers

Giving all of you legit members here a heads up.
Im going through my registered members and weeding out the spammers.
so if you are a legit person and not a spammer.
get a new email or contact me directly.

if your email ends in

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Also if your user name is a jumble of random letters and numbers, those are being deleted also. If you want back message me.

thank you for the legit members that come here to read and share. Its a shame spam gets to this level.

How to get fit and healthy?

Start the steps to get fit with a single step.
Start the steps to get fit with a single step.

It has been a while since I have talked about getting fit hasn’t it.
Well here is todays motivational talk and the first step in getting in shape.
Whats the very first thing you have to do?
START!!!! You can think about it, you can write it down, you can promise yourself all you want but until you actually get your butt off the couch, put the TV remote down. People tend to confuse themselves when it comes to eating right and exercise. The reason is because there is so many options and so many claiming to be the end all be all way to get where you want to be.

First off, everyone is different. There is no one way to do it. There is no one diet or way to eat that will answer all the problems in your health or body or figure.
I’m going to dispel a few myths first.

1: When looking for a way to change your eating habits. Stop looking at short term diet changes. Grape fruit diet, cantaloupe diet, south beach, or who knows what else is out there, If you cant maintain this way of eating for the rest of your life then ditch it.

2: You can not target weight loss. I know thats a big one that women tend to hate to hear. But you can not do endless ab crunches or what ever it is to make your stomach shrink. Yes you will have good abs but it will only be under the fat there.

3: Weight training will not make you look like a body builder. Lifting weights will build more muscle to tone and shape your body. You have to take lifting to an extreme to reach those kinds of levels. Don’t fear being big, lifting builds muscle which burns fat quicker during your day and you will burn more calories when your resting because of it. The big bulky muscles you see in the magazines take hours and hours of work each day and an eating regime that will boggle your mind. This goes for the ladies mostly, Many fear getting big and bulky, because they don’t find that attractive. Personally I don’t either. But don’t let that stop you from lifting any thing. Doing just cardio work will get you to a certain point but only adding some weights and lifts will you ever get you past it. This being said, everyone finds a certain level of muscle tone attractive some less some more that part is up to you, I know some that love the look of a really strong fit CrossFit athletes, others find that too bulky for them, To each their own. All I am saying is find what fits you but don’t dismiss adding a little weights to your routine.

I am no professional trainer, I am a certified Training for Warriors trainer but I haven’t lead any classes. I have lifted off and on most of my life and been involved in crossFit for the last 2.5 years.
The experiences i share are my own and friends, after speaking to others with more knowledge than i have, to learn as much as I can. I have always said there is no one way to do it. Find your way, find what fits your life and life style but for heavens sake get up and do something.
If you want the fastest and quickest way to start losing weight here is my advise.
Drink only water and lots of it. Drop the sodas and sugary drinks.
Eat less, shrink your portions to start with then look for ways to start replacing any processed foods with good whole foods.
Start walking, get a good 45 min to 1 hour of walk in. It’s easy, set a timer for 20-30 min and start walking. when it goes off turn around and head back.
Start small but the key is to start.
I think it was Bruce Lee that said. “If you spend too much time thinking about any one thing, you will never get it done, make at least one definite move toward your goal each day.”
We can think ourselves into inaction if your not careful.
So my advise today is…. START!! take one small step toward your fitness goal today. Then add steps as you grow accustom to them.

Taking my experience as an example. I had a friend going to crossfit and said I needed to look at it. So i went with him one day and just looked around and watched a class. I loved it but was scared also. I was watching these guys
doing olympic lifts and heavy too boot. On the outside I was like Oh man thats cool. inside I was thinking ” There is no way I will be able to do that.” See how your mind works to defeat you right off the bat. Well I went and started the beginner class. I stayed there for about 2 months. First 2 days a week then 3 then 5 days. in a matter of 3 months I was doing those very work outs my mind had told me I couldn’t do. Each person must begin if you ever want to start something new in your life. Be it a job, relationship, getting fit or even spiritually. It all begins with a mind set of ” I am scared of this but I am moving forward.” Don’t let your fears hold you back from the body you want. Get determined, But don’t do what I tend to do. Don’t do it all at once. I tend to go all out with things and if I can’t do it the way I see in my head then I will put it off and not do anything. The key is consistent small steps, over time they become that image you have in your head or the dream you want to see. Just don’t expect to se that with in the first week or month. Its a process that takes time. Learn to take the ups and the downs of getting healthy. You will do great, other times you will over eat and want to just beat yourself up. Don’t let that stop you, recover yourself and begin again. Its just that simple.
Thats what has helped me change my FB page and this blog. Its my way of putting my life out there and in a way holding myself accountable by making a lot of my life public. Stay motivated because that will help you get through the low times.

Confident in yourself.

When you look into a mirror what is it you see in yourself?
When you look into a mirror what is it you see in yourself?

I saw a video today that i shared on my FB page. It was a mirror that interacted with the women standing in front of it. It was a set up for certain woman that stood there but the effect of it all was pretty over powering. It had a slide bar to let each person slide it to how beautiful they felt right then. Almost all were below 40%. To me thats just so sad.
Here is the catch 22 of this whole area of conversation.
We want people to feel confident in their looks no matter their size, or who they are as a person. So on one hand we tell everyone that they shouldn’t try to be in shape that their current size big or little, they should feel comfortable with. If you have read much of my stuff you know that I like fitness stuff, I gain weight, I lose weight, but over all I’m in pretty good shape. I hate this whole area of conversations. The main reason is…. well its uncomfortable and I can end up speaking out of both sides of my mouth here. Mostly because I understand the logic and I understand what is trying to be done BUT!!!! this is a big but. We can never use being confident in ourselves as an excuse to be lazy, as a reason to not be healthy…. BINGO!!! That is the proper word I’m looking for.
Girls Listen to me…….The girls in the magazines don’t even look like they do in the magazines. We are all familiar with photo shop and how it is used in the advertising arena.
This is where I get into uncomfortable ground. I want all woman to be confident in their bodies. To look in the mirror and not pick themselves to death and find every flaw or pore or pimple and not see all the beauty that is there.
I want that more than anything for every woman in the world. I also want everyone to learn to eat right, eat healthy and enjoy a healthy body. Remember the people that have ripped abs and chiseled bodies are not healthy for the most part. Naturally our body needs a certain % of fat and its not 6 pack abs usually. HEALTHY!!! That is the difference. So ladies look in that mirror and look for the good, look for the beauty that is there everyday. Look to your man to show you, he should be telling you if he is a real man, he will always want you to know your beautiful in his eyes and for you to feel beautiful, To know he thinks your beautiful right out of bed with no makeup on is a real thing girls. He isn’t just saying that to make you feel good. He means it.

Understand that confidence in yourself can lead to many greater things that a lack of confidence will hide. If your a God fearing person then I know for a fact that God doesn’t make mistakes. He made you with a purpose and a reason. Finding those should be our life’s goal. Find your passion and share it with others. Our lives are not defined by who we think we are but we sure can be guided by those feelings. When you finally see this and understand that the negative thoughts you carry about yourself and your body imagine, are the very things that feed every excuse and every reason to not try to be better, in all things not just being healthy. There is a trap about being comfortable with yourself. It can lull you into a comfort zone issue if your not careful. I’m all for pushing ourselves in all areas of our lives. Not by huge leaps but small steps here and there to show ourselves that the fears we have inside us are usually just imagined. Don’t let being comfortable be the thing that stops you from getting healthy or starting that dream job or business. Be coincident in who you are and how you look but don’t let that limit what you can be. 🙂

Why do people feel the need to tear us down?

Some people just amaze me, the need they have to make people feel like less or ridicule them for the things they do to better themselves.
Case in point…. I was leaving work… I had changed clothes to my work out clothes and was heading to the gym…. a person that works in the same building asks me… ” are you going to the gym?” Yes. I reply
she then asks me where I go. I said Im heading to Crossfit. she got kind of a sneer on her face and said… ” OH.!!! your a cross-fitter? ” I chuckled and said yes.
SHe says ” Well I want to meet you when your 60 and see which one of us is in better shape.” Ok what was funny was she was in no place to criticize me she doesn’t go to the gym she doesn’t eat healthy. I have seen her around work before. Then she asks me “How old are you.” I smiled and said 43. she kind of looked shocked…. now I’m not a greek god or anything. I’m in shape I have muscles, I need to lose about 15 more pounds to get where I want to be, but I’m getting there. but I defiantly look better than most 43 year olds I’m talking physical shape anyway. When she asked me to meet her at 60. I said Ok your on. She looks me up and down then lowered her head and said never mind LOL
I just about couldn’t hold my laughter until I got to the truck.
But what struck me was the desire people have, people that don’t work hard to stay in shape or eat right, ridiculing those of us that do. They seem to take it too far. By that I mean anyone that does crossfit is a maniac fitness freak that lifts too heavy and is injured all the time. This is a case were a few have labeled the majority. Yes crossfit is known for some insane work outs but you have to curb that with your own ability and scale them to fit you and not let your ego push you past your limits. The atmosphere does breed competition which for most guys can be dangerous to push past their limits. But CrossFit itself is not a bad thing its the egos that each person takes in to the box with them that gets them hurt. Now I will get off my soap box about that.
This is about peoples attitudes about others that are doing the work to get fit and feel better. I never understand this attitude in life, the need to drag people down that are reaching for more or higher. It just floors me.
Some how it makes them feel better about themselves when really it should make them feel bad or motivate themselves to do more instead they feel the need to pull you down to their level to make them feel better about a lack luster effort to get fit. LOL just amazing

A good end to the week.

Working out has really become more than just a work out. Its like therapy for me. It lets me leave my problems of life and wondering and over thinking and all that junk at the door. I walk in get stretched out and warmed up and hit it hard.
Today was a good one that tested me and made me push my limits, even more than the day before. Its been a great week of work outs that have tested me and made me push myself, to lift more go harder and do it in a healthy way. I have learned through trial and error, more like trial and injury that at my age I have to not let my ego push me too far past healthy limits.
That being said, Today was a day that I wanted to give up.
The work out was this.
30,25,20,15, 10 reps
of air squats
pull ups
45 lb kettle bell swings.

so a total of 100 of each.
finished in 17 min 45 sec. It was tough and I was riding the line of pushing to hard for a long time. the urge to quit was there the whole time. The urge to just stop and call it done was there. Matter of fact this whole week of work outs has been that way. They have pushed me to limits and then past them to retrain my mind to new limits.
thats what it is all about anyway isnt it. Growing and becoming better than we were the day before. Small things like these work outs remind me that I need to carry these lessons learned in one area of my life to many others and that if i fail it doesnt mean I am a failure. It just means I get to try again and use the lessons I learned to do better 🙂

For me it all goes back to the things God has placed on my heart. Becoming a better man in his image. To be stronger mentally and physically, to be kinder more sensative, to listen more talk less, to be more compassionate with others, to be that person I would want to look up to. To do more, be more and accomplish more. To make my short life here on this earth all that God has for me. To do it in a way that he shines through me. Thats what it is all about. His glory his greatness shining through us. If it takes me going through hard times, heart aches and learning to love and be a man that I never thought was possible, to do the things he has in my path no matter how hard, no matter that satan throws at me to get me off course, to always come back to God and the basics, love, trust, faith and Hope. I could never be what I am today with out him, its been an amazing journey and it isnt done yet 🙂

Thanks for everything Lord even the tough stuff.