A simple note.

Guys……. I think I can say fairly accurately, that we fail at expressing our emotions. Especially to have to sit down and write them out. I’m going to tell you something that could change your marriage. If you would work on expressing how you feel, to your wife, and how much she means to you and all that she does and express your appreciation for all she does what effect do you think that would have? How would you feel if she did that for you? You would have a happy wife. She needs to hear or see your words and actions of encouragement, just as much as you do. She needs to know that you are aware of all the little things she does to keep the house going. The laundry, the dishes, the meals, the cleaning. Not that men don’t help, but as a whole I would say most men don’t help very much. What I’m saying is just tell her thank you in a totally honest appreciative way.

So what I’m saying is get off your duff, stop complaining about how you are not good at writing anything, and write her a note. It can be short, just a simple note on a post it stuck to her keys or on her steering wheel in her car. Practice makes perfect. The more you write your feelings out the easier it is to do. Take me for an example. I’m a guy that writes on a blog, It didn’t start pretty, my grammar is usually off to say the least, and my spelling at times is (shocked face) a little lacking LOL. But what I write is real and its from a guys point of view and its from a guys mind, as scary as that is. It was not always this easy. It took practice. Just like writing a note to your wife for the first time, it will feel off, it will feel forced, but don’t let that stop you.

I’ll give an example from my own life. I write notes to my wife either on the bathroom mirror or on post its everyday and have since we got married. Is this easy? Not always no way. We have had some fights and there have been times we haven’t really liked each other. I’ll say some times those notes have been very forced and hard to write but I think I have only missed a few days. I never realized how important they were to her until she told me one day. I know the value of our marriage and how much I value and appreciate her and I really try to not let some hurt feelings get in the way of the bigger picture and who I fell in love with.

So start thinking, how can I as a husband show my wife my appreciation and communicate to her just how important she is. It may not be a note or writing anything, but the trick is to figure out how she needs to see it and feel it, but starting with a simple note is a good place to start.

Don’t let your fears of opening up and becoming vulnerable by expressing your emotions stop you, what we see as weakness, to your wife can be a huge strength and the beginning of greater communications and a new level of intimacy.

So pull out that piece of paper and pen and start writing. No fear here fellas, let her know how important she is to you.