More than impressions

The marks of life are like the impressions on a table

I remember doing my home work on my moms dining room table. I remember the spills and nicks and the marks we put on that table.
I remember lifting up a sheet of paper to see my hand writting impression left in the wood and I was afraid I was going to be in huge trouble for it. It has been many years but I don’t remember ever getting in trouble for that.

I also remember seeing that table 15 years later I could read the imprints from that day of home work and as I looked over that table I saw the remnance of a snowman and I think an owl drawn by some ornery preteen.

I am a wood worker at heart. At times I have finished a project and been very proud of the work I had done. I would agonize over each mark or scar that was put there, because I felt it mard the overall look and worth of the piece. (The perfectionist in me)

I was missing the very point. That table carried memories in each mark and scar. They didnt take away from the piece, they added a uniqueness to it, they actually added value because every memory was pressed, marked or scared into that wood. To be seen 10,20,30 years later.

Isn’t that a great representation of our lives? If we can pull our pride away from the visual of the marks and scars of our life and see the true imprints they have in shaping our lives today. Think for a second. How would your life look if you had no scars no marks or blemishes in your life? How would it look? What effect would it have on how you live today? You see we are all just a table with the imprints of life on it. We can choose to look at the scars with worry and anger or we can see them as forming who we are today.

Life is going to be hard at times, but it is also going to have a unique grain and beauty that works around and through the scars. Dont let the scars become the focus, trust your journey, don’t stop building just because something might get marked scared or bumped to mar the perfect image. Live, laugh and love. That is what makes up life. Love God because He already has your table made and mapped out, scars and all.