Tired of seeing others succeed in life? Then change it!!

Success is a mindset, mixed with determination and having a purpose.
Success is a mindset, mixed with determination and having a purpose.


An interesting word isn’t it. Some seem to come by it easily, others see it yet it seems just out of reach and even more its just a dream that seems never truly attainable. .
What is the one thing all of them have in common? They are all correct! I know you were probably thinking there was some wonderful thing I was going to say that would make you feel good about where you are currently with this term success. They are all correct because each person believes the way they feel or think is right. If it seems out of the realm of possibility for you then guess what…. It is. If you feel it’s a goal and you work to reach it… You will. I think you start to see just how important your thoughts can be and how they can build you up or hold you in place. Until you learn that the limits you see as impossible have been put there by you and that until you see the truth you will be trapped by them.
Life can be a deceptive trap if we aren’t careful. A Job that we have that we just get by on. A marriage that we are just waking up and living to the next day with. Parenting in a way that just gets your kids through the day. What I am getting at is the ease of each day that comes can be the trap. We end up in a rut, living (roughly) the same day over and over until you die.
That is the trap. Learning to reach past yourself is one of the most important things you can or will ever do to escape that trap. You see when we live that trapped life we slowly change our mind set to one of defeat and complacency. We believe that we can’t do any better or that reaching out past what we perceive as our limit just isn’t possible. We even see others reaching out and doing more but the rut makes us believe that it’s just not meant for us or even worse makes us dislike those people that are brave enough to jump. Why do you think that is? It is because we are angry with ourselves, we focus that anger at the people doing the things we wish we could but quite honestly are to chicken to even try.
The reality is that its only in our head. Our mind has fallen into that trap and when our mindset begins to reflect those defeatist type thoughts w start to lose hope and settle in for a long life of the same days over and over. The good news is that we can change that mindset. We can push those limits we have set on ourselves. We are capable of much much more than we think.
I talk also about being intentional about your life. This is where it comes in handy and can begin a true change in your life. Many people live with these self limits for a life time. They live in fear of things, new things, failure of making a wrong decision. The last one is one that’s pretty prevalent today. People that fall into this one don’t realize that not making a decision is in fact making a decision. It is just an illusion our mind uses to keep us in our comfort zone. Our brain loves it there. Things may not be the greatest but have you looked outside?? Wow look at all the possibilities that could go wrong. If we were to focus our minds on all that can go wrong, we will never step outside of the limits we have placed on our selves. We fail to see the possibilities of things that can go right. This is where living intentionally has got to over take the defeat mind set. I don’t care where you are coming from, what background you have or what horrible thing has happened to you. I can find or point out someone that has had similar or far worse things happen and they have risen up out of it to over come. How you ask? They chose to. They made an intentional decision that started the journey out of the defeatist mind set. It comes down to one moment in time when you say no more. I will not allow my self to live this life I am living. I know I have a purpose and I need to start taking the steps in need to reach it. When you make this choice you must commit yourself to making the hard choices that will get you out of what is holding you back. It will take risk and it will be filled with unknowns and new things you have never done before. But it all starts with one mental decision to change. Once that happens you start changing your habits that support you stepping into your purpose. The thing that separates the willing and the unwilling is the mindset. One will think about it but never act because it’s too risky, the other will see the risk and modify the mindset to get it accomplished.
Our comfort zone is the one of the most dangerously comfortable places we can ever stay in. It harbors complacency, defeating thoughts and magnifies all of our insecurities. All of these are used to hold us in place making us think that we could never do what we see others doing. The fact is your wrong. The fact is we are cowards and afraid to step into something we fear.
So the question is. How do you change that? How can you make those seemingly radical changes in how you think? Well you have to be unafraid to look inside of yourself. Trust me you will find things that you don’t like, you will discover things about yourself that you never want to admit you did or thought or actions you took for the wrong reasons. It is a must that you do these steps of internal thinking to uncover the road blocks and things that might rise up later on to defeat you. It all stems back to how you feel about yourself. If you don’t think you can do something then you are right. You can not. Until you change your mindset about yourself, to be open to possibilities then you will always defeat yourself before you begin. Those feelings and thoughts are all lies you have held onto for years and years. Understanding that those thoughts may not be all true is a great thing to finally realize. It’s like cracking a door open that you never thought could open.The possibilities now start to be seen and not only seen but you begin to think…. Hey I might be able to do that. Then after being aware of those defeating thoughts and pushing them aside it becomes. “Hey… I can do that.” That is when lasting change starts to form and new habits begin.
As enlightening as it is we must always be on our toes for the dreaded defeatist mindset. I swear it will come out of no where and in a flash and if you are not careful you will be right back where you began. Don’t let that happen. 🙂

So today take the time to do that internal work and peel back the layers that have made you who you are. Your past can dictate your future but only if you allow it too. You are bigger stronger and more capable than you think I promise you that.