When you really understand God’s love in your life.

THe effects of God's love in your life and how it can change you forever.
The effects of God’s love in your life and how it can change you forever.

Over the past few years I would like to think I have learned a few things. Reality says I have learned some, forgotten others and ignored some. Isn’t that how it seems sometimes.
When Gods working deep in us, in places that are not easy or comfortable sometimes it takes us a while to “get it”.
There are little catches in life that set off these little alarms in your head, like Godly queues to things, but they also can trigger fears. Things we need to look at and change. Yet again sometimes we run from those or we don’t want to admit it’s a problem in our life. We can justify our feelings which makes us feel better about it but is it still the right thing to do?
When we take the time to jump in with God we are taking the first step to actually becoming what God has in mind for you. By that I mean, let go of all the things that are holding you back. Sometimes we feel that’s out of our control, that issues or oppressors and problems come from other people that we can’t get away from. Letting go isn’t always what we think it is. Sometimes it takes place in our attitudes and in our minds. What we have to realize when someone seems to have that kind of control or seems to be responsible for our misery, many times (not all) it’s because we are allowing it. If a negative person at work is pulling you into that realm then stop it, don’t hang around them. If you have to, remember it’s a choice what you take to heart, what words you let sink into your soul. Use truth as your shield. God gives us those things to use each day. Everyday we wake up and have a long list of choices to make in life, one of them is our attitude and the amount of emotional influence negative people have in our lives.
Everything is linked back to God. Sounds simple but until you spend some time there and dwell on it we can risk it losing its impact. We have to come to terms with God loving us. It sounds simple and it really is, but its not always easy. We carry old wounds and scars of past mistakes or mistreatments. We carry the unseen also, false guilt and shame. If you gather nothing else from this article remember this. God loves all people. Not just believers but murders, robbers sinners. He loves us all. He loves us in a way that’s deeply personal and He gives it freely. We don’t need to do anything to earn it, but beleive in His son. If we can not come to terms with that love from God then we can not truly love others or ourselves.
I believe there is a triangle type of love when in relationships. God at the top, husband and wife at the bottom corners. If any of these three lines get broken then there is strife or problems. If we allow our relationship with God to fade, falter or drift then the relationship between husband to wife is stressed also. I think this works as a general rule with people as a whole. If you are right with God and right with the people around you, no matter what is said or done you can handle it. There is something inside a lot of christians that make them feel like they have to be a door mat with over bearing people, “do the christian thing and bow down”
If I see the verse turn the other cheek on this I will scream. God did not create you to be passive, christianity is not passive and should not be passive. We think that inaction in the face of evil or wicked people makes us more christian or something. That’s a load of bull. God gives us righteous anger. Be angry and sin not. Nothing about not being angry. This means stand up for yourself. Be strong in the person God made you to be. Respond when disrespected or you have had your boundaries crossed. Respond properly not in anger but in truth. Allow no one other than God to have that kind of authority over you. Even a husband or wife should not treat you in that manner. God has ultimate authority and if anyone else is effecting you that way then you are allowing it.
So do you see the correlation here? Gods love? How you see yourself, in your eyes or from Gods eyes? How that determines what you allow to effect you in your life? Self confidence and all of that? It’s all wrapped up to make you a better more whole person once you come to some kind of grips with Gods love for you. Everything you do stems from that love, it effects the rest of your life. Once you start to find, that in your life many doors start to open because you realize you had been the one holding them shut not God.

Father’s Day!

The over looked job
The over looked job

Fathers Day!

This day makes me think back. To the times when I was younger and didn’t take those days serious. It was a day to get a gift card or something. As a kid we never seem to grasp things and we take them for granted. It didn’t mean I didn’t love my dad, far from it. I had tons of respect for him I had seen him over come many things. I saw him with a limited education climb to the top of his field. To retire at 55 just as he had planned. I saw him break his pelvis not only once but twice, Have to learn to walk again and on one occasion was in bed with pins holding his pelvis together for almost a year shortly after retiring. He is an incredibly driven and strong man.
I hate that in my youth I didn’t let him know just how much he meant to me. That I took it for granted. When I think now just how much influence my father had on who I turned out to be, especially now that I am a dad. It is huge. I may not remember all the little nuggets of life advice he gave me, but he lived them and I watched it and soaked them in. I have lived hoping I could make my dad proud because he is my hero. He took me fishing, he helped me learn to play football and learn to switch from center to running back. (he was an all star running back in high school) He was at the side lines of each game. Not the stands, he walked the sidelines. I remember after a hard game. I got to start on the varsity team my sophomore year as center. And we played Seneca who happen to have an all american nose guard opposite me all game.
He beat me around bad. I cheated and pulled every dirty trick I could to just slow him down.I have seen many dads come down hard on their sons after a lack luster game like that. Mine walked onto the field and put his arm around me smiled and asked a question. “Tough time out there?” and pulled me close. I got knocked out playing Branson. I think it happened right in front of him. I was out cold for way to long. He was the first thing I remember seeing when I came too. He taught me to shoot and shoot very well, I know my brother and I would shoot all the rounds dad had reloaded and never really thank him for all the time he took to reload all of them for us. I remember the 90 mile an hour trip to ER after a copperhead bit me, mom screaming at him to slow down or he will kill us all haha. The first fish I caught he thought I was hung up but I told him it was a fish. It was a bass fyi lol.

I hate the fact that back then it was just taken for granted…. Those are the things I regret the most. I didn’t take that time to be grateful.
As parents we always wonder if we are doing ok or if we are ruining our kids. We see the times we fail or the times we thought we could do better. We don’t tend to see the times we do right or the things our kids see that they will carry with them their whole life.
I spent most of my life never telling my dad I love him. It wasn’t until maybe a few years ago did we start telling each other this. I wish we had started soon. I love my dad with all my heart, I start to tear up writing this now because even though we may not have said it much long ago I just hope he saw it in me.
I see people today that knew my dad where I work and they all make it a point to speak well of him and make sure I tell him hi for them. It makes me proud to hear these things because I know the kind of man he is, how strong and determined he is and how selfless he is.
Never one to take credit or make a fuss over anything he has done. All star football player in high school, rose to a VP position with limited education at a time when that was unheard of.  Shot in the Bianchi Cup with the best shooters in the world, and placed in the top 60 or so, I think out of several hundred and he said he had an off day. Over came two horrendous pelvis injuries and one serious self inflicted chain saw injury.
As a dad now myself, I see many of the things I got from him, not specifically what he said but how he lived. We have had many interesting times. Many trips to the ER on both of our accounts.

So remember today is not just a day to celebrate dads, take this time to look back in your life and see how many times your dad has been there for you. Many times taken for granted and over looked. It’s just sad that we don’t see it and grasp it at a younger age.

Thanks to both of my parents not just my dad. For who I turned out to be.
I love you very much dad. I just hope some thanks now covers all the times I might have seemed ungrateful back then.

Thanks Dad.

Internal thinking and the power it can bring

The power of turning your perspective in at yourself.
The power of turning your perspective in at yourself.

What do you believe?

It’s a simple question, but one that can carry a huge magnitude in your life.
I think it is something that we all need to go over a many times in our lives. To remind us just what it is we believe in. The first place I start is with my faith. Go through each part, don’t take them for granted. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross? What does that mean to you personally? How has it changed your life?
Gods love for you? How do you feel about that? How has he shown you his love for you in your life?
Do you believe God is good and why? Don’t be afraid of digging deep into the specifics. Too many times in our christian lives we know what the statements are that we should listen to but how often do we look personally into them. What I mean is, how do these christian statements we hear apply to our personal life? God is good? You are forgiven? Even after saying those things do you still carry a level of guilt? False guilt is a faith killer, don’t let it take you down.

This article is about turning your minds eye inward. Find the log in your eye. Many times we are too busy looking around to see how our own faith is working in our own lives.

While coaching people I have had people explain it as a chance to remove themselves from their life and look in with out the emotions and “stuff” in the way and take a serious look from the outside. I just love that description. But we can self coach to a certain degree if we have the right attitude and are not afraid to see faults in our character. Admitting sin and wrong in your life can range from wrong acts to not moving when asked. It can be really hard to do and you may have to do it over and over and reevaluate yourself many times. What you are doing is peeling off the layers the world has placed on you. By being introspective you are getting closer and closer to the person God sees when he sees you. He sees you in full, the past you, the current you and the future you. His goal is for you to live your life to its fullest and for you to thank him and give him the glory for that. We live this way for him, we just happen to gain the benefits that come with finding that person. Peace, comfort and love.

I know this gets kind of deep but I really feel its something few people do. Take your beliefs and make them real in your life, not just things we say. State them and dwell on them and ask questions. God loves this kind of time with us. Jesus spoke in the whole new testament about the relationship with him and God not the “stuff” we do to try and earn it. So take the time with God and not only explore just who you are but who God sees when he looks at you.
What this has done for me personally is let me see my weaknesses and not only that but see just what triggers them. Finding these “triggers” in your life are HUGE!!! When you feel a certain way be it fear, insecurity, guilt, shame it doesn’t matter. Learning what causes that feeling is a big step, learning that many times these feelings are only partial truths or out right lies you have told yourself. “I can’t do that “ ‘I’m not good enough” When you feel a fear boil up inside of you, when you feel that feeling of inadequacy or the need to please others to “keep the peace” The thing we have to understand is that when we give into these little things we give a piece of ourselves away. By not fighting for who we are in Gods eyes, we are not living our lives to the fullest, we are giving away important parts of our lives to a fear or insecurity. Many times the need to please will drain you so much that you feel like you can’t do anything right. We must learn to see that Gods truth in our lives is not the easy way. It is never giving into something that is not from him. Fear, insecurities, doubt, worry, anxiety, feelings of failure and inadequacy are not Gods tools to grow us or even to protect us. Those are tools the devil uses to pull us down or keep us locked in place, never to experience Gods best. I know that’s a bold statement but I personally feel its true. People tend to see the devil as making big steps to pull us down and give in to sin. He works hard but its not always easily seen. Keeping a christian from stepping out in faith is a win for him, keeping us locked in fear to hide our witness to others is a win for him. Letting fear be the guide for our lives is a win for him. Staying stagnant is a win for him. Are you getting it now? I heard a quote once that I loved. “You are either becoming more like Christ every day or you are becoming less like Him. There is no neutral position in the Lord.”

I believe this because being neutral with God usually means doubts and worry has caused you to stagnate. That is when the devil strikes hard. Looking in at yourself isn’t a way to tear you down and make you feel bad about who you are or have been. It is a way to grow and become more and better than ever before. To use those things as lessons to move from, not to go back in guilt and regret for your past.
I hope some of this makes sense to you. It has been on my heart for a while. God bless all of the people that read and desire to keep growing closer to Christ.