When God says Yes, but we still search for a No.

When God says yes but we faulter because of our own fears.
When God says yes but we faulter because of our own fears.

Today I had kind of a revelation. I was driving down the road and thinking about the things God has given me a solid Yes on. It got me to compare when God says yes and we are still searching for possible no. What I’m getting at is, there are times that God gives us a pretty solid Yes on something but it’s hard, it’s scary it stretches us, many times beyond where we want to go. So instead of embracing the yes we just got confirmation on. We continue searching for a no. Why do you think that is? Because the yes is hard, the no is usually an easier route. When I look back at the ways God has given me a yes it has been in a way that I can’t manipulate. I do not believe in random consequences, but I do believe we can see what we want or talk ourselves out of something we have seen.
So where does that leave us when trying to figure out if we get a yes, no, not right now or a wait. It can be so confusing and leave us locked in place doing nothing in fear of getting outside Gods will, or just waiting because we want to get it right.
I look back at my own story here and see pretty plain when God was telling me yes but wait. Those usually come after I hit a low in my faith. When I have hit a spot of doubt and worry and fear that I have gotten it all wrong. Last time I got to a place like that something astounding happened, something that I can not explain or anyone would have even been able to see or hear. One moment I was worn down exhausted and my heart was heavy with worry and stress. I was crying out to God and in an instant the feeling I got was one of a father putting a hand on your shoulder saying. “No all the things I have shown you are true and I have it under control. You don’t need to worry, just trust me.” And in that instant it was all gone. The worry the fear the stress. Gone. I can remember exactly where I was on the road in Arkansas I think I even recorded it right after it happened. Now I understand that some will laugh at me but I know what happened. It’s moments like that I was talking about. A situation I can’t manipulate my own view point out of it. There have been others as well but that was one of the most life changing for me. So my advise. Stop searching for a no when God has given you a yes already. His yes doesn’t mean its clear, doesn’t mean you will understand it, doesn’t mean it will be easy. His yes will stretch you and lead you to places that you are not comfortable being. But our faith is based on trust in his wisdom and his goodness and his grace because he sees our lives beginning middle to end, all at once. His yes, no matter how hard it may seem is the best for us.
Like Charles Stanley has said in one of his books. When God says put your head through the wall, you do it knowing he will make a hole for it. That is true faith, taking the next step even if its cloudy, foggy and unseen. The devil wants you to see it and fear it, run from it, and never look back. Don’t do it. God is a great God full of love and goodness. Don’t doubt his yes and try to replace it with your own No.

Local gym Honors wounded officer.

Honoring him and his famiy.
Honoring him and his famiy.

Today I got to be a part of something great. The gym I go to (CrossFit Springfield) has a close relationship with the springfield PD and surrounding police officers. Last week one of ours was shot when he went to a call and he is still in the hospital and has a long road to recovery.
I know several police officers and it really hit home for me. Well today we did whats called a WOD or ( work out of the day) these special ones are to honor people. They are usually much more difficult than the normal ones we do.
Today We honored Aaron Pearson for his service and his sacrifice, to support him and his family, the gym was open to anyone today. All it took to join us was a donation. Well at the end of the day they raised almost $9,000 to go straight to Aaron’s family. The work out was a toughie.

30 min AMRAP: (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 Push Press (115/85lb)

10 KettleBell Swings (55/35lb)

10 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Run 100m
Then Perform,
20 reps of each then Run 200m,
30 reps of each then Run 300m, etc.

This was a burner that’s for sure. I hit my limits a few times and wanted to stop, I looked at the white board that has the WOD written on it along with Aaron’s picture and realized I can keep going. I thought about his kids and his wife and all they are going through. It helped me keep pushing.
At the beginning one of the owners gave a speech and a prayer. He also talked about Aaron’s wife had told him she was ready for him to wake up so they could fight this together. WOW that is love and a true wife. I love how God shows his amazing power even in the midst of horrendous circumstances. I believe in the power of prayer, I have seen it and felt it personally. If you can please add Officer Aaron Pearson and his family in your prayers. It was an honor to be there to see the large crowds. It was said that at the noon class they had 75 people and many more spectating.
FYI the noon class averages 10-20 I would guess normally.
Its good to see a community rally around a needy family that needs financial help and spiritual help. To have the community gather around and rally to the call. It warms my heart and helps us see that there are many good people still out there.