Giving thanks has new meaning on this day.

Thanksgiving day is supposed to be a day to give thanks for all the blessings of the past year.
I woke at 5am hearing that 4 teenagers had been killed in a tragic car accident last night. All from my home town. None that I knew personally but I knew the parents of them or had gone to school with them. It hit me hard and brought me to tears for them and the horrible things they must be going through. I was scrolling through Face book and the contrast just struck me.
Everything from happy thanksgiving to love notes to happy birthdays to the tragic news of these boys. I guess it hit me so hard because my daughter just got her driving permit and now I am entering into a whole new area of worry, one I always complained about as a teen but now as the roles are reversed I see that the worry was much deeper than I ever thought possible.
Days like this are days when we need God, not push him away in anger. Some things in life we will just never understand. As a friend to these grieving parents, its hard to know what to say or how to act, All i can say is there are no words, unless you have lost a son or daughter you don’t understand so don’t even try to act like it. Just express your grief hug them close and let them know you are there.

So today on this day of thanks, remember there are people not so thankful and experiencing unimaginable loss today. Say a prayer for them and never ever miss an opportunity to tell someone you love that you love them. This world can snuff a life out in an instant and that opportunity to say i love you is gone forever. We say it as kind of a cliche statement but when that day hits you and someone you love is gone in the blink of an eye. That statement wont be so blasé.

Tell them you love them now, hug them close, never miss an opportunity to tell them.

Happy thanksgiving everyone keep these people in your prayers.


Learning to be fearless. Pleasing God with our boldness
Learning to be fearless.
Pleasing God with our boldness

I just read a quote that struck me to the core.
“Most of us are living our fears not our dreams.”
OUCH!! That is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true none the less. When we look back on our lives and the decisions that got us to where we are right now. It lets us see that many times fear is what shaped those decisions not being brave or taking a risk in life. We let the unknowns become bigger than reality. We look at all the bad in things instead of the good. Don’t fool yourself, we are fully capable of talking ourselves out of Gods blessings by looking to all the ways it can go wrong. I have lived it and I still struggle with it. Like for instance, I am toying with moving out west or north, Wyoming, Colorado, or North Dakota to work for Burlington Northern. The pay is great and once the first year is up you can do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. It is something I would love to do but I have my kids here still. I have interests here still, How will it effect my kids should I wait a few years and try then or will I be to old, lots of unknown??
These are all questions that I wish I had answers to. Also I am starting a Apparel business selling fitness and Christian based shirts and hoping to expand into another clothing as well. How do I get started, is this too big for me? What happens if I mess up? What if … what if …. what if… they never end. The list of bad our minds throw at us is unbelievable. Many times we claim safety for our financial status, or our relationships or our children and not exposing them to risks because of choices we make. When in fact I think our children need to see us taking those risks so that they themselves will see it is possible. If they see nothing but living a quiet life of ease and comfort they will never venture far or experience much.
Not one time in the bible is a quiet, easy life of comfort with no bumps promised to us not once!! Why do we expect it then. Why do we gauge our success in life on that? The one thing Jesus promised us as christians is that we would not have it easy.
I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (‭John‬ ‭16‬:‭33‬ NLT)
I also read another blog that brought up a great point.
Many believe in Jesus because they feel it will make their lives easier, that great things will come their way and it will fix all that ails them. In this blog she asks the question, Is believing this way in Jesus Idolatry itself? If you think about it I believe it is. Jesus never said those words He never hinted at that line of thought, matter of fact he was pretty clear on the out come if you believe in him.
You couple this attitude with the other what i call milk toast faith and you have a recipe with a disastrous faith. When you add all of these misbeliefs about yourself, your faith and expectations of your life you will be in for a rather large surprise. Life will slap you down and stomp on you. You will lose the joy in it and the devil will have used all of those misbeliefs about yourself, your life and God to absolutely rip you to the bone. I use these strong words because people need to understand just what they believe why the believe it and what is expected of us. That brings up a great point…. as christians what is expected of us? What does Jesus expect from us in our faith? I think this is a great question to ask ourselves every once in a while.
I remember that quote from the movie God’s not dead.
Mark: “You prayed and believed your whole life. Never done anything wrong. And here you are. You’re the nicest person I know. I am the meanest. You have dementia. My life is perfect. Explain that to me!”
Mina’s Mother: “Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God. Their sin is like a jail cell, except it is all nice and comfy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to leave. The door’s wide open. Till one day, time runs out, and the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late.”

Satan is winning and he is winning because of our own expectations in Christ.
On the surface we say things like. “Money isn’t everything” “God is good he will take care of me” There are a ton of feel good sayings in our christian community that are just that… feel good statements. Are they wrong? no not really, but its what is behind them that matters. Because most of the time its nothing, its an empty quick quote or statement thats meant to help someone feel better when in reality its just used as a quick escape from a situation where we don’t know what to say to help.
Our faith should be better than that. Im just as guilty as everyone else so don’t think I hold myself on high talking down because I am far from that.
I have caved to fear, I have held my expectations of God too high when I knew I was called to step up instead of wait for God. I have done all of that in my short time as a Christian, I hate it, I hate that I can look back and see all the times I have failed in life and in my faith. But, people listen to me. We are never done. God never gives up on you even when you have given up on yourself. Today is a new day to start again. To get up dust yourself off and tell yourself you are better than you think you are, you are capable of far more than your mind tells you. You are not a slave to fear unless you chose to be.
In my mind God rejoices when we take risks in his name, when we step out of that boat and trust…. really trust him fully. To take the step through the doors he opens for you. THANK GOD for that. I see all the ways I have balked failed and fallen. I used to be ashamed of all the failures or times I have let fear guide me instead of God. But you know what, He was with me when I wasn’t with him. When I was fighting against him to criticize other christians, when I scoffed at them and made fun of their faith. He was there waiting. You see people, he never leaves us, we are the ones that drift away but he only lets us go so far, we are never out of reach.
So today, take a stand for your own life. Be responsible for your actions, be bold in your faith and take some actions, show your kids what true faith is and that trusting in God in all circumstances is the way to go. Show them that fear is not the way and not the guide that you need. Teach them that hard times come with Christ in your life. Expect them, learn from them and place them at your feet to use as stairs up. Each is an experience to be learned from and grown in.
Time does run out and the day will come when your chance to take risks be brave and stand for God are over.
Thats what I want to be, thats what I want to get to, to stand fully in him. fully trusting him to allow me to boldly step out and take godly risks.

Retrace your steps.

What do you do when you have lost something? One of the most popular things to do is retrace your foot steps. I know someone that will even do this if she is trying to remember something she was thinking and it works for her.
Now take this thought a little deeper. When you are stressed and your life seems low and filled with adversity. Ask yourself, “How many times have I been here before? What have been my reactions to this in the past?” These are very good core questions to ask yourself. Go back in your past and look at how you have reacted to life in general. For the most part people live in a reactionary way. They bounce from reaction to reaction to life and all it can throw at you. The problem is our lives are molded by the choices we make. We are where we are because of choices we have made, good bad or ugly thats the truth.
All that being said what is it we usually do when those bumps come? When something unexpected hits us or shakes your life to its core? Everyone will have a different response but for me its usually WHY? The saying “Focus on your problems and they grow, focus on a solution and you grow.”
Shortly after that is when the doubts begin to creep in. We get so focused on whats happening that we forget the ways God has been there during other problems in our past. This is where the first things I talked about need to kick in.
Retrace your steps, be it in finding a lost item, thought or even retracing your faith. I’m talking about being intentional about it. Many times we christians know all the right things to say or think, but we gloss over them. Maybe because we have heard them a thousand times and they have lost some meaning or they are just kind words thrown out during uncomfortable times to make some one feel better about not knowing what to say to be comforting. Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter. When you feel yourself starting to lose hope or doubt your faith in God or just getting worn out because all the bad people seem to be getting all the blessings. This is when you have got to reach back and be very intentional about retracing your faith. Close your eyes and go back to a hard time in your past that God got you through. Remember the feelings of the first bad news, the shock, the fear? Remember where you were standing, driving or walking. I’m talking about literally going there in your mind and reliving it. Then going to the place God made a miracle or a break through in it. Remember how that felt?? I don’t know about you, but I have had the privilege of that happening a few times and it is something I will never forget. Go back and not gloss over it in your mind, slow your thought process and savor the experience like savoring a fine food. Those moments in your life will change you and can continue to change you if you allow them to. Pray about them, talk to God about your feelings and many times he will bring those memories back. That reminds me of an Amy Grant song I never really got until not that long ago. Better than a Hallelujah, if you have never heard it, it’s about God loving our humble prayers at our most needed times. Basically it talks about how God gets to hear our true hearts when we are in our time of deepest need. Combining prayer and retracing your steps can be a great way to fend off the darts the devil throws at you. Think of this like the bible says about picking up your shield of faith to deflect those darts.
So next time something jumps in the middle of your life and scares you, stresses you or anything to test your faith. Before you jump and run to the hills, stop and remember God and all he has done for you before. Be intentional about it and pray.

Isaiah 6:8 in the movie Fury.


And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said, Here am I; send me. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭6‬:‭8‬ ASV)

When I read this, it lights a fire inside me because my heart wants to be that man. Then there are times this makes me ashamed of myself because I wish I could say I was always that way for God.
The fact is I’m not. I try but there are times I give in to all the things that stop me from being brave for God, doubt, fear, low self worth. All of these are God stoppers in our lives.

This verse came to me in a war movie called Fury. This movie had a very odd feel of God in it. It really showed the nasty gritty and dirty parts of war. How it takes good men and if they let the wages of war sink into their souls they lose morals and civility. It showed me that no matter how dirty, nasty or cruel our circumstances are that God is never absent. One man, on the tank crew the movie followed, was an avid christian and they give him a hard time, but you see at times, his struggle with his faith in war time and seeing the cruel and evil in it. If you want to see it skip this, I’m going to tell a little about it.

They basically get into a last stand type of situation, after the fighting had raged on for a while they find themselves in a lull in the fighting, the silence speaks loudly and they all feel the stress of it, but find a way to laugh. Then the christian guy (played by Shia LaBeouf) quotes this verse. When he gets to the end. The officer of the tank crew (Brad Pitt) says it with him…. ” Send me”

This verse carries a lot of meaning with it. How many times in your life do you think God has called on us. For us to only try and hide. Like when a teacher calls our name and we try to hide in the back of class. The men in this movie before this last fight, made a choice to stay… they could have gotten away to safety, but chose to stay knowing it meant death. The callings God gives us may not be as dramatic as that, but that does not take away it’s importance.
Oh how I want to be that man that stands up when that question is ask of me. As my journey into being a christian has progressed I have learned when God asks you to do something it is never something that is easy and many times no one else will understand it. It will usually hit on things that you feel weak and insecure about. Do you know why? Because God is pushing you to greatness by shoring up your weak areas. We know what our strengths are and we try to keep our lives within those strong points. It is only when God brings our weaknesses to light and makes us deal within them, that we truly find who we are, or better yet, who God is leading us too. Many times we find who God really is also. Not the image of Him in our heads but the real thing.

I truly desire to have a heart that screams ” Send me” now to get my head out of the way and get on board and I’m going places haha.

Add-on to my last article.

This is an add on to my last article.
Someone asked me what love looked like. I didn’t understand the question at first. They said they had never felt like they had ever been loved or really loved someone and asked me what I thought it looked like.
I said well Im sure its different for everyone but for me. I will just rattle off the things off the top of my head.
Love is waking up in the middle of the night rolling over seeing her sleeping and just watching her breath and see her at her most innocent. Watching her for a long time just soaking her in.
Love is wanting to do anything on her endless list of things to do. Not for a reward but to know you helped her, you helped lower her stress level.
Love is always wanting to know more, to learn her even to learn her as she changes and matures.
Love is making her sit down while you fix dinner for her.
Love is doing the dishes with out being asked. Love is a long kiss with no expectations behind it. Love is not just a feeling of butterflies its a desire to serve her to sit at her feet and wash her feet like Mary did with Jesus. Its a look of total love passing between the two of you with no words spoken but more is said in that look than any words could say.
Love is coming up behind her and wrapping your arms around her middle and pulling her close and kissing her ear or neck. Its also tickling her until she kicks you off or begs you to stop 🙂
Love is wanting to see her at the absolute best that God has in her. To help bring that to the surface when she even doubts she is capable. Love from a man isn’t about fixing things in her life. It’s about a willingness to come along side of her with an honest effort to understand her even knowing that you never will. Love can even be not reacting to hurtful words she might throw at you in a difficult time of a stressful situation. Sometimes its a hug when she is acting at her worst, just pull her close gently and lovingly.
Love can even be fixing a vacuum :). It can be protecting her honor in front of others. Its talking her up in front of others or never talking bad about her to the other guys.
Its brushing a stray hair out of her face, caressing her cheek or even just in a simple smile. Its holding her face in your hands making sure she is looking and paying attention and telling her that you love her.
Love is holding open doors, its pulling out chairs, its about driving the car, getting her gas, Even escorting her in another car so she feels safe.
As the guy….. sometimes its up to us to take the hit, to sacrifice your own needs so hers can be met.
If your noticing something here. Love is far from just the warm feelings we get when we are with someone. Love is an action, and sometimes it has to be a choice it has to be intentional. Because to be honest we may not always like who she is or the things she says to us. but that takes nothing away from the love you have for her in your heart. You know the words are just a reaction to stress or circumstances, it doesn’t mean your a door mat it means you talk about it later, not to start a fight.
Love is doing things with her that you don’t normally do. shopping? antiquing? what ever not because you suddenly like them but that doing them with her makes is whats important.
The biggest is……. Love her the way God asks you as a man to do. To do it selflessly and sacrificially, To love her using Jesus as our example. Love her….. period! There is no time limit there is no if in that or when. just love her…..
I know what your thinking and I have too. Isn’t this setting up to be taken for granted? Wont she expect all of this all the time? Will it lose its meaning?

Simply…. No. If she loves you like you do her and she is a good willed person with a good heart. She will see your effort even if you mess it up lol which will happen by the way.
Don’t worry thats been my fear also. That all the things I do get lost and taken for granted but you know. Love is a risk, your opening yourself in ways that can absolutely destroy you on the inside. You can not love someone the way we are called to and not put forth some kind of risk, its just not possible.

This lady then asked me… well what does it look like on a girls side? LOL I said well that one i cant answer. i can only tell you what I know. But i can tell you if a man does some of these things then you know he truly loves you.

All i know is this is what love is to me.

Is love worth it?

The quest for Love
The quest for Love

Love is something beyond comprehension. When we read about the love that God speaks of in the bible, it is something that I don’t think many humans now a-days can grasp. In this rush rush, fast, quick self satisfy all my needs as soon as possible, world we live in. I honestly think the concept has been lost to many people.
I read on Facebook and Pinterest these sayings that make us feel justified in our own reactions…. what I mean are the quotes thrown out there… like “if it doesn’t serve you leave it behind.” or any number of things that point to self gratification or instant pleasure. I understand that there are small amounts of truth to some of these statements. Usually when someone has honestly been out for themselves and hurt us, or been malicious and is out to get you or hurt you to help themselves feel bigger or better. We are all familiar with these unhealthy relationships that these quotes stem from.
My issue is when you have 2 good people and the timing just isn’t right. Well in todays society that is a “sign” to move on. You hear all kinds of things like …. “Oh how sad when you have two people that truly love each other but its clearly just not meant to be.” I claim bull malarky. IF these 2 people truly do love each other then you don’t want to be with anyone else, so much so that the idea of finding someone else leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It literally makes you ill to think about being with anyone else. There is a God given kind of love that if you listen for God, you will find them. Its just something in your heart that no one else can fill. God saves that kind of love for us if we would stop rushing past it or even turning away from it. Many find it, but turn away thinking they don’t deserve to be loved that way. If thats your case then I have a surprise for you. Your right!!! None of us deserve to be loved like that, none of us deserve Gods love either, to be forgiven over and over to be given grace over and over again in our lives. But that is the kind of love God grants to those that seek it. So if your sitting there thinking you have this great guy or girl that loves you like no other and proves it over and over again in a Godly manner not selfishly. Then see him or her for the love that God has placed in his/her heart for you because if your turning away from that then your turning away from the love God has for you also. If you feel you don’t deserve another persons love then how on earth do you really believe that God loves you, even after all your mess ups?
I have had people tell me (because I have been single for several years) that I need to go out and find a girl… that there are many that want to “have fun” this pretty much sums up our society today. If I am not getting my needs met then I am justified in going looking for someone that will meet them. The problems is we are human….. the one thing I can promise you…. no matter how great, perfect or whatever your guy/girl is THEY WILL FAIL YOU at some point, they will not meet all your expectations in your head because for one, many of those are in your head and never spoken and two. We are not only two different people but we are man and woman, its a fact we are made differently we see things differently we think differently. The best person for your life will still fail you at some point in time, its just reality. unless your going to marry Jesus himself. So do yourself a favor and allow some reality into your head. Be realistic about your expectations or for heavens sake voice them so your poor partner will stand a chance.
Here is another myth about love. Its not easy. No contrary to popular ideas, its can be hard. Sometimes you don’t even like the person they are being at that moment. Everyone has bad days when we snap in anger or are short to those we love. Its a pretty well proven fact that we are the worst with those we love the most. Do you know the reason for that? Its because we feel safe with them, we know that we can be nasty to them and they will love us. We know that they will be standing there when we are being ugly and totally self driven.
I just get fed up sometimes reading all this self satisfying stuff. I understand some people come from very bad pasts where they have been hurt either physically or emotionally or even both. I am not here to diminish that by any means. What I am talking about are two people that are good basic people that don’t have any ill will towards one another.
People are so jaded about love and finding it or waiting for it. Here is a thought. If God can truly give you your true love in life. Is it worth waiting for? Is it worth waiting through circumstances until the time is right? If you have found that person that has a special place in your heart for goodness sake grab ahold of them. Because here is the deal. That person will always have that part of your heart, there is not another person that can get it or that you will ever be able to give that part of you too. People may call that silly or old fashion but thats ok because thats how I feel and thats how I would want my son or daughter to feel about it too. Love is the greatest gift of all in life. There are many forms of love, but the love of that special person in your life that loves you as a friend and a lover, one that you can laugh with cry with and tell all your secrets too that you have never revealed to anyone else. Hello people that is special and worth holding onto even when the perfection wears off and you see the man/woman underneath. That doesn’t mean they should be kicked to the curb because they missed a que or two from you. When you find a person that you want to hold them up and show them to the world, so that they shine the brightest they can, when you truly want to see someone else’s best and to help them achieve it, then you truly love them. When you have everything to lose and nothing to gain that is when true love shines through. Its not through the good times, its not when you have all the warm feelings, its when its tested, when you both come under fire. Use those times to fight for each other not against each other. You have no idea how much it means to have someone fighting for you unless you have been alone and had no one there to fight or even worse had someone that was supposed to love you beat you down and make you feel lower then low just so they can feel superior. Trust me the value of the one you love fighting for you is HUGE!!!

So don’t let this world jade you. Yes there are bad people out there but don’t let them cloud over the good ones. Who knows you might skip right past the best one for you. Love is not a selfish thing that we should be looking for someone to give us, but something that we should be freely giving. When you find that one person that you give your heart too. There is a willingness to give to them, to serve them and to intentionally love them even when you might not like who they are at that moment. But you choose to love them for who is in their heart, the person you know who they really are. Love is not easy, you will give and give and give and sometimes you will fall into the worlds trap. The question comes up, if I am giving when do I get something in return? When do I get to feel this kind of love from them? Thats a hard question. One only you can answer for yourself. I know when God lays something on my heart I better follow it. Even when it seems hard or in your mind your thinking… I just can’t see it. Well I hate to tell you but many times the best things come out of bold steps in faith. God has proven he loves a risk taker that is stepping in faith. Coming out onto the water per-say. Miracles happen when we take bold steps in faith. In all things not just in love.
I will get off my high horse now, I’m sure I have made a few people mad,…oh well can’t always make every one happy can I.

So the question. Is love worth it? sadly some days I can say yes with out a doubt, others its a tougher question but one only you can make for yourself, no one else can tell you or explain it.

Risk vs Reward why most people never try.

At some point you have to take the leap and break into the unknown.
At some point you have to take the leap and break into the unknown.

RISK!!! Adversity!!!!! challenges in life… these are all things many people try to avoid. I have one thing to say about that. Fine, stay there, your life will never change. You will be that person that always complains that everyone else gets the job, finds success, gets financial freedom, has the best relationships… you will carry a grudge against these people because why? You, my friend are jealous… your mad at yourself and you don’t want to admit that your the reason your life is the way it is.

God wants us to be risk takers in his name. Not one single big name in the bible knew everything was going to be ok before they started. Did some go through hard times even after hearing Gods words and his voice? Oh yes! Some didn’t listen, some back slid and some just plan old would not do what He asked. Much like us today. The common theme is they all had to take risks to see Gods rewards.
If we sit back and never reach outside our comfort zone we will miss so many things in life, we will miss opportunities God places out there for you to reach for.

Here is one of the biggest reasons people don’t and wont move in life. FEAR!
When we think of goals and dreams in and for our lives, we can dream about what it would be like and relish the success that could come but if we risk nothing, it is still just a dream. It is safe there, it can’t hurt you, it can’t wreck you financially, your dream is safe in your mind never to be released to the real world or the tomorrow that we can’t see. You see, dreams are amazing things and can push us to places in our lives we didn’t realize we could go. But, you have to follow them, drive toward them and that requires action. I have lived in this world of dreams and safety for far to long. God can sometimes rip away parts of your income to get your attention and help you see you need a change. That’s where I am right now. But this time I am following a dream I have had for almost 3 years now. It has been locked in my brain safe and secure with no risk to it until last week. God has really reached me about it and about how I have seen myself and the things I have held onto that have held me back in my life.

I don’t know what your dream is but until you start to act on that job, that trip, that relationship and put some action behind the thoughts you have… the fears of the unknown will lock you there for as long as you let them. True freedom is coming to terms with who you are in Gods eyes, and moving on each Godly opportunity he places in our path. Many pastors will say that if your in Gods will, it will all be good. I couldn’t disagree more. Many times God uses a failure to bring us closer to him and to test our stick-to-it-ivness. Yes I know spell check hates that made up word haha. But you catch my meaning. Many of the greatest moments in peoples lives have come out of the hardest times and biggest failures they faced. It’s almost like a crucible and you are purified by the flames. But don’t you see… if you try to see things as God sees them there is no such thing as failure. Just lessons that grow us one step closer to where he wants us.

So do some thinking about the things in your life that hold you back. Many will say its a Boss, a dead end job, bad attitude or bad relationship. Well when the day is over it comes down to one thing. CHOICE!!! Your life is determined by the choices you make. Your actions are the engine behind those choices. It all begins with a thought or idea that leads to an action. Look at your life now… which of these are you failing at? action, choices or thinking? Because if any one is missing the equation doesn’t add up and you will be locked in the box of your safe zone.
God wants a faithful person. Not one sitting there doing nothing, hating the position they are in right now, praying for change but being to afraid of change to actually step in faith……. well I don’t know what to tell you, besides this. You think you are afraid of the outcome right? Too many unknowns in this decision right? too much you can’t see, your not sure it will be ok??
Here is a shocker….. You don’t know you are going to live through tomorrow. Almost every person that dies tomorrow has plans for the next day. Life happens and its going to happen if you decide to jump in or not. You can sit back and complain about where you are or you can get your butt up and do something to make God proud of you. Placing your faith in him and acting in a Godly manner on his behalf. I would rather live with a past of Oh wells than a long list of I wish I had of’s.

I can speak about this like I do because I know all about this, I have lived it. It helped me get stuck in a loveless marriage because I wasn’t self confident enough to think I was worth anything else. I have turned down job offers because it was new and different, I have procrastinated things off that I knew I was supposed to do but they scared me. You name it I have done it and lived it so I know what I am talking about.
This business I have started is my second big stepping out move and I feel good about it because its not at the perfect time. LOL didn’t expect that did ya.
God doesn’t work off our perception of perfect timing.

‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭11‬:‭4-7
He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. As thou knowest not what is the way of the wind, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child; even so thou knowest not the work of God who doeth all. In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thy hand; for thou knowest not which shall prosper, whether this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good. Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.

If your waiting for our perception of perfect timing … it wont happen. So I look at my business I have started as exciting and thrilling because I am for the second time I feel I am really acting on something God has asked me to do.
The timing is far from perfect but its making me have some faith and believe in him not in my own ability to see the future which is EXTREMELY limited lol.
Am I scared OH yeah… spending money I need to be saving because of a second and third job loss. Yeah I’m scared but not enough to paralyze me.
There is a peace about it a feeling of rightness. I have fought for years with perfectionism in this area, if I wanted to start a business I had a vision in my head of what a professional look of it was. If I couldn’t do that then I wouldn’t even try because what I could do in reality was totally different than what was in my head and to me it looked like a failure right from the get go. How wrong I was but I think it was a safety mechanism in me that kept me from reaching outside my comfort area. Every time I would start to move, that fear gripped me tighter, until I would finally listen to it.

So I have a little experience here, Its taken me far too long to figure it out but its never too late and its not too late for you either. Get out there make big things happen and give God the thanks and credit for it.

What is your self worth base on?

How do you see yourself?
How do you see yourself?

One thing I really got to thinking about as I was driving….. I know I do that a lot I know.
If you think about it, you will only do or act how you mentally feel you match to your self worth. What I mean by that is you will only do things that you match with how you see yourself. SO your self worth or how you mentally picture yourself is VERY important. We don’t even realize that we limit ourselves by how we view that person looking back in the mirror.
Charles Stanley told a story about his Aunt I think it was, she told him that he would never get any better than he was at that very moment. He said that was one of the most discouraging things he had ever heard. She followed it up with a but. but if you tune into the Holy Spirit that alone can expand who you are and then you can truly do anything.

So why does that make a big difference? Why would that help you become more? Honestly its because when we look at ourselves in our minds eye we see all the bad the hurt the pain the hard times. When we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through your being, you begin to change your view and see yourself more as God sees you. Not arrogant or prideful but more of the potential that lays with in you. God gives us each unique tools and abilities, I would throw out a guess that a very small % maybe 10% of believers ever find or utilize the gifts they are given. So our self worth is something that is very important because we end up placing limits on what we are capable of doing with out ever even realizing it. I know because I have lived that way for years. Trapped by low self esteem and fear of trying new things. I think most men can relate. When we do something, we want to be good at it. We don’t want to be seen as failing because failing means weakness and as a man heaven forbid we ever be thought of as weak. To a man thats one of the top 2 or 3 of things we avoid. Thats why men fight and let egos rule their actions. It is all linked to self worth.

So when I say it takes coming to God and really getting in touch with the Holy Spirit that is waiting inside you to show its self I really mean it. The hard thing and frustrating thing is that it doesn’t scream as loud as as the world around us, it has a quiet subdued voice. That is the hard part. We too often times listen to the loud things in our life and ignore that quiet voice that says go, step, or stop and wait. It’s not an easy thing.
How does it look in real life? thats the question I always ask when hearing pastors preach a sermon. When they are done I want to know how to make those words transfer into my real life not just leave feeling good about the message. I know from personal experience that we walk out that door and 20 min later we have forgotten most of it. So the question here …. How do you allow God and the Holy Spirit elevate your self worth…. Thats a toughie.
I want to make it clear about the difference in powering through things on your own power and moving forward in faith. We have all seen people that bull up and push through a situation like a bull in a china shop. The difference is a matter of peace and grace. But the main difference is what comes after the event or situation. The person that bulls up and powers through gets it done but is still not prepared for the next event. The person that is using the Holy Spirit to help them will be prepared for the next event. By building your faith and the ability of the Holy Spirit to work in you, your growing in faith and the things that seemed difficult 5 years ago that you conquered with the Holy spirits aid wont seem like much after wards. What i mean is that the spirit is growing you during the event and after, when things are handled with grace and peace when most people deal with them in fear and anger the ability to grow through the event is huge. We don’t realize it usually until later just how much it grew us.
Look at it this way. What limits us in life?…….. The only limits on you or the things you would like to accomplish are you. So you will only ever be as good as your mind thinks you are. So your self worth is a HUGE deal. Learn to see yourself as God sees you. Start looking at the limits you have placed on yourself and see if God would be happy with you stopping there? It all starts with small steps past your comfort zones and expanding your potential. Pray a lot and ask God to show you how.