How to get fit and healthy?

Start the steps to get fit with a single step.
Start the steps to get fit with a single step.

It has been a while since I have talked about getting fit hasn’t it.
Well here is todays motivational talk and the first step in getting in shape.
Whats the very first thing you have to do?
START!!!! You can think about it, you can write it down, you can promise yourself all you want but until you actually get your butt off the couch, put the TV remote down. People tend to confuse themselves when it comes to eating right and exercise. The reason is because there is so many options and so many claiming to be the end all be all way to get where you want to be.

First off, everyone is different. There is no one way to do it. There is no one diet or way to eat that will answer all the problems in your health or body or figure.
I’m going to dispel a few myths first.

1: When looking for a way to change your eating habits. Stop looking at short term diet changes. Grape fruit diet, cantaloupe diet, south beach, or who knows what else is out there, If you cant maintain this way of eating for the rest of your life then ditch it.

2: You can not target weight loss. I know thats a big one that women tend to hate to hear. But you can not do endless ab crunches or what ever it is to make your stomach shrink. Yes you will have good abs but it will only be under the fat there.

3: Weight training will not make you look like a body builder. Lifting weights will build more muscle to tone and shape your body. You have to take lifting to an extreme to reach those kinds of levels. Don’t fear being big, lifting builds muscle which burns fat quicker during your day and you will burn more calories when your resting because of it. The big bulky muscles you see in the magazines take hours and hours of work each day and an eating regime that will boggle your mind. This goes for the ladies mostly, Many fear getting big and bulky, because they don’t find that attractive. Personally I don’t either. But don’t let that stop you from lifting any thing. Doing just cardio work will get you to a certain point but only adding some weights and lifts will you ever get you past it. This being said, everyone finds a certain level of muscle tone attractive some less some more that part is up to you, I know some that love the look of a really strong fit CrossFit athletes, others find that too bulky for them, To each their own. All I am saying is find what fits you but don’t dismiss adding a little weights to your routine.

I am no professional trainer, I am a certified Training for Warriors trainer but I haven’t lead any classes. I have lifted off and on most of my life and been involved in crossFit for the last 2.5 years.
The experiences i share are my own and friends, after speaking to others with more knowledge than i have, to learn as much as I can. I have always said there is no one way to do it. Find your way, find what fits your life and life style but for heavens sake get up and do something.
If you want the fastest and quickest way to start losing weight here is my advise.
Drink only water and lots of it. Drop the sodas and sugary drinks.
Eat less, shrink your portions to start with then look for ways to start replacing any processed foods with good whole foods.
Start walking, get a good 45 min to 1 hour of walk in. It’s easy, set a timer for 20-30 min and start walking. when it goes off turn around and head back.
Start small but the key is to start.
I think it was Bruce Lee that said. “If you spend too much time thinking about any one thing, you will never get it done, make at least one definite move toward your goal each day.”
We can think ourselves into inaction if your not careful.
So my advise today is…. START!! take one small step toward your fitness goal today. Then add steps as you grow accustom to them.

Taking my experience as an example. I had a friend going to crossfit and said I needed to look at it. So i went with him one day and just looked around and watched a class. I loved it but was scared also. I was watching these guys
doing olympic lifts and heavy too boot. On the outside I was like Oh man thats cool. inside I was thinking ” There is no way I will be able to do that.” See how your mind works to defeat you right off the bat. Well I went and started the beginner class. I stayed there for about 2 months. First 2 days a week then 3 then 5 days. in a matter of 3 months I was doing those very work outs my mind had told me I couldn’t do. Each person must begin if you ever want to start something new in your life. Be it a job, relationship, getting fit or even spiritually. It all begins with a mind set of ” I am scared of this but I am moving forward.” Don’t let your fears hold you back from the body you want. Get determined, But don’t do what I tend to do. Don’t do it all at once. I tend to go all out with things and if I can’t do it the way I see in my head then I will put it off and not do anything. The key is consistent small steps, over time they become that image you have in your head or the dream you want to see. Just don’t expect to se that with in the first week or month. Its a process that takes time. Learn to take the ups and the downs of getting healthy. You will do great, other times you will over eat and want to just beat yourself up. Don’t let that stop you, recover yourself and begin again. Its just that simple.
Thats what has helped me change my FB page and this blog. Its my way of putting my life out there and in a way holding myself accountable by making a lot of my life public. Stay motivated because that will help you get through the low times.

What does your walk look like?

It's not always so clean and easy as its made to sound.
It’s not always so clean and easy as its made to sound.

One term we tend to hear as christians is “the christian walk” we all know it means the spiritual journey we make as we explore and grow closer toward God right? Learning to fight fear, doubt, worry and dealing with the things life throws as us with grace, love and compassion, and trusting God with them all Right?!?!?!

I think too many people forget that the average christian walk is more like a stumble fall crawl, claw my way to your knees fight to my feet walk a few steps run a few more hit a wall fall down roll…… ok you get my point?? This “walk” they talk of is not usually near as pretty of a thing as it is portrayed. Does this mean we are horrible people? No! That we are weak and can’t do this the way God wants us to? That we are worthless because we stumble and fall in our life and in our faith?? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

At the ripe age of 43 I have learned that once I come to terms with my weaknesses and the bad things I bring to my life or the scary things I avoid. I know that I learn way more from the hard times, the weak moments and the low parts of my life. I haven’t always been this way, but the last 5 years or so have enlightened me I guess. So when you feel like your failing because you stumble fall crawl and claw your way back to your feet in your life and your faith remember one thing. God is with you at the highest and the lowest. Praise him in both and in all between.
I heard once in a quote I’m not sure from who, it said ” you can test a man’s faith in his low times, but give him success and power for a real test of his true character.”

I love that quote because for one its true. Its easy to be humble when you don’t have any power or big successes. We all have seen how power corrupts just look at Washington and our government leaders.

So if your christian walk isn’t as pretty as someone else’s, don’t worry about it. Remember that if your looking at someone from the outside, its not fair to you or them. “When you compare yourself to others, remember that you are comparing their highlight reel with your bloopers.” Another of my favorite quotes.
So in closing…. stop beating yourself up if you fail fall or stumble, whats truly important is that you recognize the cause ask for forgiveness from God and don’t let it ever effect you again. God not only forgives but he forgets your sins, as far as the east is from the west. Thats pretty far and yes that means you…. the one thinking yeah thats good for others but not me. Forgiving yourself can be much more difficult than forgiving others. Let the bad things go, let your past go, let your fears and doubts go. Those are the things that trip us up in our faith more than anything. Let them all go. Even if its in little bits and pieces but start to let them go, let the grip they have on you go and grab to the promises of God. Grab to the things in your life that are good wholesome and pure. Let your floundering walk with God be one you’re proud of not ashamed to talk about. Because I will tell you now, no one and I mean no one gets away in life with out hurt, pain, sorrow and heart break. If you don’t experience them then your in a bubble. No one gets out of this life clean, we all have scars we all have old wounds that some times fester up out of no where but that doesn’t mean we cant learn and grow more, BECAUSE of those very set backs. Let them propel you forward to new heights in life, to slingshot you past your fears or your comfort zone, Get past the things that hold you back. Look inward at just exactly who you are and why you do what you do. Why do you let fear make your decisions in life? If so Where is your faith in God? if your letting fear make those decisions then your not trusting God, your trusting your own power and manipulations to make sure you feel safe, secure. Unknown is not always bad, unknown things in our future are not bad. New things in your life are not always bad. Once we see that, people might start moving forward out of their comfort zones and really get to experience life in abundance, until then your living in a cage that you built with every fear every worry every insecurity from your past or your present. The cool thing is…. you built it now take that thing down, you know how just get after it one brick at a time. 🙂

When life happens.

WHY?!?!?!?! why cat it just be easy.
why cat it just be easy.

What is the purpose of the hard times in life? Be they illness, financial, relational, family or who knows what else. What is the reason for all the junk that seems to always be waiting to pounce on your good day??

I was going over recordings that I make as I drive and one struck me pretty hard. It’s the question every one wants the answer too…. WHY!!?!?!?!?! why go through it all.

Here is my thoughts so hang on to your hats. I am a firm believer in if you don’t deal with an issue in your life then you will see it raise it’s head over and over and over again. Just like facing a fear. It loses it’s power over you. Life issues are exactly the same way. If we focus on the problems we will always see problems and bad circumstances, you have to be willing to walk bravely and take some risks in life to overthrow the thing that has taken control of your life. More often than not that is fear. Look back in your life and see if you can count how many decisions have been based on fear, fear of the outcome, fear of failure, fear of what someone might say or think or how someone might see you. Take the time to give an honest assessment of your decisions and what they are based on.
I think God allows life to happen to us to grow us for our own future. What I mean is…… well the best way I can describe it is to go back to middle school. Think of all the things that surrounded your life and what was so important to you at the time. boys/girls, friends, what I was going to do on friday, we rarely had plans farther than one week if that far. Now widen your look, take it 10 years later, your in your early to mid 20’s whats important now? what are the issues your having to deal with at this stage? now go farther along and do the same.
For me I saw a pattern of fear based decisions… OR!!! more accurately said, fear made me more of a lack of decisions maker than anything. It froze me into inaction. Now that I’m a believer I see just how dangerous that can be. In these types of situations we can always reason out our fear based inaction because there are small seeds of truth in each one. God never wants us timid in our choices in our life, He never talks about our faith being small or fearful. He speaks of wisdom and peace, but not inaction.
In my life I saw and still see sometimes decisions not being made because of fear… all kinds of fear, fear of failure, fear of the responsibility of success even, but mostly it’s a fear of the unknown. To many people freeze when they can’t see or think they can see the future. It’s all an illusion we play in our own heads. Here is the really scary part. God opens doors of opportunities for us in our lives, we like to think they are always open and we can play in the threshold for a while to test the waters before we take that step through. I don’t think thats aways the case. I think some of those doors open and close and not at our whim or will. I think they are little tests from God to see where our true faith lies. I hate to say that a lot of the christian community will not take risks, will not move for God, will not make a single decision in their lives until they know the outcome is a good one. I’m sorry but some of the very best things that happen in your life come out of some of the most horrible experiences also. Too many Christians are waiting for God to literally lean down take their hands an lead them to the door personally tell them that its going to be ok and help them through. I’m not saying he isn’t capable of that but is that faith?? is that being brave for your faith? Here let me just answer that one ….. NO!!!!!! its not its basically telling God … I’m afraid of this, my trust is in my ability to get through it and I trust my sight and what i can see right now. They are the man in the boat praying for rescue and passes up boats because “God” will save him. only to die and God asks him didn’t he see the boats he sent to save him?? By this kind of delaying decisions and procrastination we are basically setting God us as our scapegoat. YIKES!!!… does that not scare you to death to think you have relegated God to a scapegoat?
Will all your choices be successful?? maybe but probably not all. Will the failure destroy you? no… I have seen too many famous and successful people fail and lose it all to rise up again and again.

Back to the first paragraph. Things are allowed in our lives to prepare us for our future issues. period. God is growing you in all areas if you let him. Or you can choose to stay frozen and refuse to grow, wallowing in despair and whoa is me type feelings. Remember God wants the best for you. But if your praying for miracles to happen in your situation then you better be ready to be brave and take the steps God places in front of you. If your not ready to step boldly in your faith then your failing his tests. Your missing blessings left and right. Your trusting to your own understanding and God speaks against that in many places in the bible. DO NOT make God your scapegoat in your life.
I speak from experience here, I have had ideas and dreams but have put them off claiming busyness, no time or lack of knowledge to go to the next level.
All excuses to not face the fear that rests inside of me. I don’t want people to think just because I type all this up, that I’m perfect and have it all under control. LOL wow if you only knew just how much I struggle with justifying my own procrastination.
Lack of action is not a godly skill, its a skill and tool of the devil to keep us off course and get our focus around us instead of keeping our heads high and eyes up on God. Like I said Satan wants you looking around. Comparing your life with others, Looking around in fear of all the unknowns because he knows our potential if we act in faith. So whats the ultimate $100 question? What is holding you back? Do a serious self analysis no fluff no frills, strip it to the ugly thing we all try to hide from ourselves. The Truth!!! unpack all the crap you put in front of that door to hide your insecurities from yourself and everyone else around you. Strip it all down to the bare honest truth and admit you have failed many many times. Does this mean you are a failure NO!!!! thats the great thing about God. Get up dust yourself off throw the shovel away that you have been digging your own hole with. Allow God to lift you out of the hole and shed the layers of insecurity and fear in your life. Stand boldly in his light, stand for your faith, Take godly risks, be brave and step confidently not knowing where your foot will land but that God will place it where it needs to go.

The beginning of any journey, no matter how long, begins with a single step. Sometimes not even in the right direction lol but a step in faith. Don’t fear the unknown God is waiting for you there, he is waiting to see you step out of the boat. Like a father on the other side of the pool cheering his son on to swim for the first time. To experience the rush of a unknown step in faith that led to success. Let him work through your decisions not burying them in the ground like a wasted Talent. Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭14-30

🙂 have a great blessed day

Love, expectations, sacrifice.

Its more than a feeling. Its more than what culture says, its what you can give.
Its more than a feeling. Its more than what culture says, its what you can give.

I hope to get back to posting again. The schedule of two teens starts catching up with me and my time. LOL

I have made many many posts about love and how it should look, what you should do and how to treat those we love.
I heard a sermon that summed up my feelings.
Now remember this is talking about good willed people. There are bad or evil willed people that are out to hurt you no matter what you do. This is for two good willed people, that are struggling.

Men, we are called to lay down our lives for the one we love. This is not just some flippant statement thrown out in the bible. We are to protect, serve as overwatch of those we love, family and friends and all people really.
In todays society we are told to look inward to find those things in life that make us happy. To fill our world with them and then we will feel happy. Society also says to treat love the exact same. Find someone that completes you, that does all the things you need. What happens when a few months or years go by and they are not meeting all your needs now? Because I will tell you right now, it will happen. We are human, we fail, thats one of the things I know 100%. We are all individuals we all see things differently our expectations are different and we can not assume someone, no matter how close we are, will see the same thing in the same situation. Expecting that is a sure way to find blame, point fingers and be a cause of stress in your relationship. NEVER assume!!! Speak those expectations out loud and see where they stand with you and your loved ones. If you have expectations in your head that you never speak you are setting your spouse up for failure. How can they make the proper changes if they didnt know about them?

So that being said, Love is easy when life is easy. It’s a simple statement but we tend to expect it to be that way all the time and when its not we see it as someone failing or is a red flag to us. But you can change your perspective a little, (this is where people hate me) instead of turning away which is what our culture tells us more often than not, but to do as the bible says and love. You truly do not know what love is until you go through something that makes you turn to love someone thats unlovable and you get nothing in return. That is the place you will truly find if your love is true or just self serving. Love is not what we get, its way more than just a feeling we get when the one we love smiles or laughs at our jokes, kisses us or shows some form of affection. Don’t get me wrong those things are great and help to build an amazing relationship but true love is only found in the hard times when you actually don’t like the person or their actions or attitude. That is when we are closest to God and his teachings about love. It sounds hard and callous and well to be honest stupid. Or so I thought for many years, It takes finding that right person that brings out something from the depths of your being that you might have pushed down for so long for whatever reason. Women seem to deal with this one more than men. The feeling of not being worthy of being loved like that. Women, ladies…… listen to me. If you have a man that shows these qualities to you in love and respect. DO not let him go because of your inadequate feelings. If a man continually shows you love when he has every reason not too. Ladies!!! don’t let that man go just because you feel you don’t deserve it. The Lord sends special people into our lives, so many people miss this chance in life because its a level of commitment thats much deeper than you think on the surface. It reaches into your soul to a level never before felt and honestly it can scare the crap out of you. Some run from it out of fear, others turn it away because like I said before they don’t feel they deserve it, which is really sad to me.
Ladies listen to me please….. from a man’s point of view. If your man shows love to you even when your mean and push away and run from him but you see he is never more than arms reach away, not pushing, not disrespectful, not manipulative but always there always willing to take a hit for you, keep him. He is doing what a guy is supposed to do. A true man that his love is deep and God given.
Speaking from a guy that has not aways been the best. I struggled to find just who I was, went through a divorce blaming my ex for a lot of it, when in fact it was about 50/50, Its far to easy to point fingers and push off blame when we need to admit it and face it and make changes.
Love is an action word, its a word to use, to act on, to show itself in small things everyday. Love is sacrificial, it’s a desire to serve someone else with no expectation of return. (don’t get me wrong its nice when its returned but not necessary and not the reason for it)
There are times in a woman’s life when all of her exterior signs are like a porcupine, sorry ladies but its true, every sign us guys see is a NO, DONT GO NEAR!!!! A real man sees this and instead of turning away thinking WHATEVER not my drama. He still sees the beauty in her heart, he sees the need and silent scream she has for him to reach for her. Many times when a girl is the most unlovable is the exact time she needs to see love the most. So guys… take the hit, move in closer, she might beat on your chest and yell at you, but smother her in love so that she knows no matter how mean she gets your not fooled or turning away, she needs to know your there. One of the things most women want is security in the relationship. They will test it over and over sometimes they may not even realize it. Just as they will your love and that will be tested in other areas, again sometimes unknown to even them. Never give her an excuse to feel other wise. If you love her show it, no matter whats going on. Take your pride out of it. Sometimes it takes stopping for a bit and remember just who they are. Not who they are right now. You know their heart remember that, you may not like their actions and they may even hurt you but you know who they are behind those actions.
Its no easy task and one we fail at more than not but the effort to try says more than you think 🙂

The biggest thing in it all is being intentional, there are times the romantic feelings go away for a bit and you have to make a choice to love someone that at that moment you may not really even like or more accurate, you dislike the action they took or words they used. Be honest when your hurt, don’t react in anger to it, come back in love and honesty, many times its when two sets of different expectations of one situation come together. Talk it out and get to the bottom of them.
Don’t be afraid.