Confident in yourself.

When you look into a mirror what is it you see in yourself?
When you look into a mirror what is it you see in yourself?

I saw a video today that i shared on my FB page. It was a mirror that interacted with the women standing in front of it. It was a set up for certain woman that stood there but the effect of it all was pretty over powering. It had a slide bar to let each person slide it to how beautiful they felt right then. Almost all were below 40%. To me thats just so sad.
Here is the catch 22 of this whole area of conversation.
We want people to feel confident in their looks no matter their size, or who they are as a person. So on one hand we tell everyone that they shouldn’t try to be in shape that their current size big or little, they should feel comfortable with. If you have read much of my stuff you know that I like fitness stuff, I gain weight, I lose weight, but over all I’m in pretty good shape. I hate this whole area of conversations. The main reason is…. well its uncomfortable and I can end up speaking out of both sides of my mouth here. Mostly because I understand the logic and I understand what is trying to be done BUT!!!! this is a big but. We can never use being confident in ourselves as an excuse to be lazy, as a reason to not be healthy…. BINGO!!! That is the proper word I’m looking for.
Girls Listen to me…….The girls in the magazines don’t even look like they do in the magazines. We are all familiar with photo shop and how it is used in the advertising arena.
This is where I get into uncomfortable ground. I want all woman to be confident in their bodies. To look in the mirror and not pick themselves to death and find every flaw or pore or pimple and not see all the beauty that is there.
I want that more than anything for every woman in the world. I also want everyone to learn to eat right, eat healthy and enjoy a healthy body. Remember the people that have ripped abs and chiseled bodies are not healthy for the most part. Naturally our body needs a certain % of fat and its not 6 pack abs usually. HEALTHY!!! That is the difference. So ladies look in that mirror and look for the good, look for the beauty that is there everyday. Look to your man to show you, he should be telling you if he is a real man, he will always want you to know your beautiful in his eyes and for you to feel beautiful, To know he thinks your beautiful right out of bed with no makeup on is a real thing girls. He isn’t just saying that to make you feel good. He means it.

Understand that confidence in yourself can lead to many greater things that a lack of confidence will hide. If your a God fearing person then I know for a fact that God doesn’t make mistakes. He made you with a purpose and a reason. Finding those should be our life’s goal. Find your passion and share it with others. Our lives are not defined by who we think we are but we sure can be guided by those feelings. When you finally see this and understand that the negative thoughts you carry about yourself and your body imagine, are the very things that feed every excuse and every reason to not try to be better, in all things not just being healthy. There is a trap about being comfortable with yourself. It can lull you into a comfort zone issue if your not careful. I’m all for pushing ourselves in all areas of our lives. Not by huge leaps but small steps here and there to show ourselves that the fears we have inside us are usually just imagined. Don’t let being comfortable be the thing that stops you from getting healthy or starting that dream job or business. Be coincident in who you are and how you look but don’t let that limit what you can be. 🙂

The importance of prayer

What is prayer to you?
What is prayer to you?

It’s been a little while since I last posted anything. Sorry for that, I got a new puppy and work has kicked up and daughters volleyball games… you know the never ending list of things pulling at and competing for your time.

Don’t worry I have many things on my list to talk about. As i drive during my day I will pull out my recorder on my phone and talk away.

So todays subject is on prayer. I have talked about this in the past but I felt it was worth going over again. I heard a term that nailed my feelings on prayer.

What is prayer? When I ask that what is your answer? think about it for a little bit.

I dont think I could have answered that question very well just a few years ago.
It’s also subjective to each person. But the bottom line for me is…. it’s a very intimate way to get closer to God. Period. I’m talking the prayers we make when we are by ourselves at night, not a public prayer for a group. That is different.

Prayer is our way to open our hearts to God, even a God that already knows what’s there before we do.
Many times people feel when they pray they pray with form and function using all the right words and floweriness that would charm a group of people.?? God knows your heart, he knows when your lying and when your showing off. Just talk to him with an open heart, ;et him hear all your worries your fears your insecurities…. just get it all out.

Jesus drove this home….. personal relationship…. forgoing the law and drawing close to God on a personal level. This was something foreign to most people back then, that is why he was viewed as different than the norm.

SO….. All of this leads to a term I heard that struck the nail on the head for me..
Process Thought through prayer. I know it sounds simple. Just follow me a second.
In my experience, I will start with a purpose, I have a problem an issue or a friend or a family member I am focusing on, but my typical 10-30 min prayer can range big time. But I will start my prayer usually troubled about an issue. So I am already in a state of fear, worry or anxiety to varying degrees. As I start I am able to process my thoughts, I would recommend praying out loud. It’s just to easy for our minds to wonder if done just in our heads. We can fall asleep we drift, our mind isn’t focused as much as if we are saying the words out loud.
Here is where the process really gets going. As you get started to open your heart and really say good bye to trying to impress God with your prayer and get to the meat of your heart. That is what he is after and the healing process begins immediately, People speak of grand answered prayers that shine and shine, but in our prayers God is working as the words come out of our mouths.
I can’t tell you how many times I have started a prayer a mess, and finished with tears in my eyes and a clean heart and a totally different attitude. That’s not just our own abilities there people, God works in us not only after our prayers but to comfort and give us peace during them. Our prayers are a process of thought, when we do them out loud, there is just something about drawing closer to God. Talking to him like a friend, a best friend that hears all the good and bad in us. The fears, worries anxieties all of it. But by doing it out loud we are also able to hear the words coming out of our mouths. Many times we think things that are not true. Especially about ourselves. We think things that are blown way out of proportion in our heads but we don’t realize it until we literally hear the words coming out of our mouths. This is all part of processing your thoughts in prayer. We are allowing God to reach us not only through our prayers but through our hearts as we are opening up to him and allowing him to guide our thoughts as we speak out loud to him. Some might think that’s crazy, just a few years ago there was no way I could have ever prayed out loud.
Now it’s normal through out my day, I have friends that need prayers and as I remember them and their situations I pray. I pray for my ex-wife and her parents. I’ll be honest that has been a struggle. I am still working on doing that with a clear heart, I’m getting there.
So if your feeling self conscious about praying out loud, just give it a try sometime. Anything to draw you closer to God.

Don’t be embarrassed give it a try, make it a habit, it could change your life.