Why we waiver in our faith.

Have you ever had a hard time believing something? As a Christian this is something you would think that we could do better than most, but the problem is we always seem to be in a state of whats called backsliding. Its like we learn our lesson and then months or years later we hit something that causes us to forget all the things God acted in our lives before hand….Has God changed? no
has his abilities changed? …. no. So why do we sometimes handle trials in stride knowing God is with us or more accurately that we are with him. Then others react in fear and run and try to hide from our trials?
Usually its because the ways our trials get harder and is that our weakest areas get tweaked. You have to remember the enemy knows exactly where your weakest…
This is what the afore mentioned verse is about, we are strong in our weaknesses because of God not us.
(2 Corinthians 12:9, 10 NASB) And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

These are the moments that we get to see what we have been holding in our clay jar. When faced with trials our true self comes out. Does jesus shine through because of the lessons we have learned in our life? or does competitiveness, anger bitterness and resentment come out?
Its tough when those areas that cause us a level of fear deep in our spirit that can shake all we know to its core. We all have our weak spots, we usually try to hide them from anyone but they are still there and we cant hide them all the time. Its not always the fact that our weak spots are getting poked and prodded thats the problem. Its how we respond that is going to make the difference. There will always be someone or something that knows how to tweak those places in us that get instant reactions. It is inside of those reactions that we show who we really are inside. If we strike out in anger, bitterness and or fear. We are letting our circumstances dictate who we are and how we react. I think this is the norm for most people, they feel justified because of what has been done to them. But this is not what God teaches in the bible. Never once does he elude to allowing our norma human failings to take over our actions. On the contrary he talks of overcoming these. He speaks of always showing Love and kindness even to our enemies. The hard part for many is a question i think we all have asked…. Is this just a mask we place on to appear godly? Or something that we Act like? This is a hard one to answer really. I know i have seen these type of christians many times and this is the kind that keep me away from a lot of churches. The sugary sweet person that in a nice voice gossips and bad mouths others all in the name of prayer or god. these are the types that just drive spikes into my nerves. I cant stand this level of fake ness in anyone. So the true question is how do we go about this transformation and do it in a lasting way, with out it being a fake mask we put on. Honestly I think its something that each of us have to tackle in our own way. I can only tell my experience in this and go from there hoping that someone gains some kind of insight from it.
For me, its what is in your heart. I can link this with just about any addiction people can have have and dealing with that. What i mean is I chewed Skoal for about 15 years. I had 2 kids and a wife that all wanted me to quit but until i got to the point of wanting to stop for me, there was no force strong enough to actually deal with it until i had that true desire to quit myself. I feel that changing ourselves is much the same way. If your not doing it for yourself your only throwing a mask on that you think others want to see. Thats not true change. that will fade and be gone in a short time..true change is in your heart not your mind.

So why do we doubt God. Thats the basics of this whole article. Like i said before, sometimes we handle the trials in stride and know all is well even during some rough stuff. Other times we really struggle and seem to give into our fears of the circumstance. Im really not sure honestly. I myself have gone through trials that have lasted for months and almost a year at different times. and even during it was like waves of being firm in Gods truth and falling into my own understanding and seeing nothing ever getting better. He has shown me multiple times to trust him and believe. Its been a long process but I’m slowly getting better at trusting him. It sounds odd to write it out but There are times when my circumstance hasn’t changed one bit but I’m filled with a confidence and peace that all he has shown me will come to pass and is the real truth and not what my mind can make me think is real. The things for the past 3 years he has given me as truth over and over are all true. To many times I wanted to give in and say No i made it all up in my head and doubt but if i would just take the time to think about each event i would see that No there was no way i could have. Remembering those times are what keeps me grounded. Remembering how God has acted in our past is vital to keeping our faith strong. Knowing that he was there then and he will be there now and in the future.
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 NASB)
He speaks many many times in the bible about believing the unseen. So when your down and cant see any light in your situation. I know its hard when you just really cant see any change or any hint of things ever getting better or changing, remember that he is working in areas you can not see, all for your good. We have to trust and believe even when we cant see. We must have the confidence in God that he honors his promises. Do not be afraid to pray with authority either, don’t meekly come to god begging for his assistance, Come with a confidence that he will ack in your situation and that once you pray its a done deal. He will act on your behalf.

The fence

I ran across this story a few years ago but saw it again and its just to good to not share with everyone. Such a good reminder that all of our actions have lasting effects on other its up to us if they leave a scar or not.

The fence

There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily, gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said “you have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one.” You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times you say I’m sorry, the wound is still there. Make sure you control your temper the next time you are tempted to say something you will regret later.

A single wave can make a difference

I just watched a story about a elderly woman that waves at all the kids as they go to school each day, during lunch and on their way home. She and her husband started doing this from their front window and it became something they just loved to do. The kids at first thought it was weird but soon it became the norm. Her husband past not sure what year but she has kept up the waves.
The incredible part of the story is that the kids made a special day to celebrate her at the school and invited her there to thank her for what she had done for them each day. She teared up and was just in shock and honored.

This story is an awesome reminder of what just a little effort and a little positive thinking can do. She changed some of these kids lives just by waving at them each day. She changed a kids whole attitude because she was in that chair in her front window waving to those kids. To me thats is just awesome. Such a simple gesture can mean so much.
So what can we do each day to make a difference? I think if we took just half of this woman’s good attitude with us each day we could all make a difference.
Sometimes all someone needs is a kind hello with a smile, a pat on the arm or a simple heartfelt “how are you doing today” We forget in our busy world that it can be the simplest of things that can make the difference in someone else’s day.
There are days i struggle to stay positive. I’m finding out that as in most everything we cant always go off how we feel, and feel justified by our negative actions because we are not in a good mood. Like in any relationship there are times we really don’t like our partners, they have done something to hurt us or disrespect us or something unloving. Does that mean you don’t love that person still? Say its your brother or sister. you get mad at them all the time. Does it mean you love them any less? no!! So we cant always go off of our feelings, we have to some times make a choice even when we are not “feeling” it. Love is one we sometimes have to choose be it a wife, girlfriend brother or sister. But the choice is the same.
This woman chooses love even if its just through a wave, I’m sure there were days she didn’t feel well but was there anyway because those kids needed her there. She didn’t know their names but she felt a duty to be there to wave regardless. Thats something each of us should hold onto in our lives. The need to go great things in other peoples lives. How does that saying go? To be truly successful you have to help someone else reach success? Its the same mentality here. There are days we feel bad or had a bad day or just want to carry a sneer on our face that basically tells everyone with in sight of you to get away… i can tell you its that one person that sees that and goes in anyway to shake a hand and give some kind words, that makes a difference in that persons life.
These are things i wish we as people could do everyday, and we can if we practice them. Being positive isn’t a talent its not some ability. its a long line of choices made that become habit and slowly form your mind into a positive one and not a negative one.
Be that inspiration to someone else, good deeds can be a chain reaction to others . It reminds people that good deeds still need done no matter how small. Open your eyes to those around you. see someone struggling with a bag offer to help. See someone with a flat tire stop and help, see anyone in need stop and assist. Thats how humanity needs to be. So lets start with getting up each morning and praying that god show you a chance to do something good for someone today.

Action is where its at.

This blog has allowed me to open parts of my life to share with others. That I might not ever get that chance other wise. It is kind of hard to be that open about areas of my life, weaknesses I have and the hardships I have gone through or are going through. But its been such a blessing to be able to share and have someone come up to me and thank me or say man that was a good article you wrote it really spoke to me… That is what it’s all about… Not the praise but the people. To know I have reached someone and made a difference is pretty darn cool to me.
One of the reasons I started this thing is because it holds me accountable for my actions. A lot of the people that come here are people I see daily. Many I have no idea come here and read my stuff so I really have no idea who comes here at all. But it makes me put my actions where my words are. It really does hold me accountable for everything I do. It’s like many christians I see that go to church and talk about God but their lives do not reflect it one bit. I’m not saying we must be perfect to be christian but come on… I hear stories of people praising God one post and then talking how drunk they got at some party, OR how much they have scored with some woman or what not. Now don’t get me wrong we are sinners at heart and we all have our issues, but I just get the feeling that many Christians are sunday ones only. Im sorry but if your raising a kid that cusses like a sailor at or in front of his parents then I’m guessing his parents do the same to him. Then complain about their sons mouth and his attitude… DUH where did he get it from, doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.
I’m just saying if Jesus is in your heart, you should always have a drive to be different, something inside you that pushes you to stand out in a good way.
One area I changed was my drinking. Before I drank not a lot but more than I should. After I was saved that was one thing that honestly I just didn’t feel the need for anymore, I like the taste and will have a beer every once in a while and I don’t criticize those that do drink, its their choice and this is mine.
It all boils down to Actions speak louder than your words. We can talk and talk and think and think about any one given thing, but until you put it into action its worthless. It’s just a thought or words. If left this way, they all will fade away, be it a idea, a dream, a plan to do something that never materializes. This is how dreams die. This is how we get stuck in situations and circumstances in life and lose all hope of it changing, why?? because we haven’t been willing to change what we can on our side. We talk about things or we have these big plans but can’t pull the trigger to do them. I don’t care how slow the progress is. If you start it and go an inch at a time HELLO thats still progress.
If your wanting to take steps to get healthy. Don’t sit there and look at people that have gone to the gym for years and expect those results …. your setting yourself up for failure. When I see someone at our CrossFit that’s out of shape and heavy… man my heart goes out to them. They get IT… when I hear people wanting to get in shape and hear I’m in CrossFit they immediately go. “Oh I couldn’t do that. There is just no way.” I just laugh and say yeah you could. I see people in there that can’t do one pull up but you know what??? They have the guts to show up every day work with guys and gals that are cut and in amazing shape, they get in there and put the work in they work for weeks and months to get one pull up….. That persons one pull up is bigger than anything in that place… I have seen people cheer and yell and clap about one pull up… But those people have the GUTS!! To work and put action to words when many people already in better shape than them sit back and say no I couldn’t do it.
ACTIONS people that is where the future you want is waiting. Words don’t make it happen…. thinking about something for months on end only gets you so far. At some point you have to put action to your words.
Do something that makes you accountable for it. Tell friends about your plans ask some close friends to help hold you accountable …. If its your diet, if its your exercise plan, if its being a better person for your wife or girlfriend.
Words are great and thinking things out is good and safe and needed but there comes a time to put the delaying aside and jump. I have talked about using the best knowledge you have at the time to make your decisions with. When you have done that…… Jump… GO!!!!!
I have always been an over thinker. I’m very creative person but have always let fear hold me back from trying new stuff. I have finally started to push that envelope out. but before that, man I had the best ideas you could imagine. Very cool things that 3-5 years later some other guy was doing that just started… talk about kicking yourself. He had the Guts to jump when I didn’t.
When your tired of the way your life has been its time to change it and the only person in this world thats going to care about it is You. People can give you encouragement, they can clap and yell for you but when the rubber hits the road its all on you. You have to take that first step. Your the only one thats in control of the actions you take. God leads us and guides us but we have free will. How many opportunities have you missed because he opened a door that you were afraid to jump through?? Don’t feel bad I know I have many myself.
“Action will remove the doubt that Theory can not solve.” perfect quote for this. We tend to want to know everything is going to be ok before we step or move forward in life. Thats something we can’t know. As christians we have got to set the example of Hebrews 11: 1 IF we have to have all the steps lined up and know they are firm before we step . What kind of faith are we actually living? Seriously think about this … If in your life you have a need to know things are going to be ok before you move anywhere… what does this say about the Holy Spirit inside you??? Our own faith tells us that we can’t know the future and that we must believe in faith not on sight. Yet we defy this every day by not taking action when we should. By waiting for everything to be just right before we act. That is not a good thing at all. Im not saying to be reckless and ignore common sense but I think most people tend to hang up right before the action because of this need to know its going to be ok. When in reality we can never be assured of that. Its frustrating to me know that I used to be this way. I see it so clearly now. How I was fearful of failure basically. I didn’t want to mess up my life. But I never realized I could mess it up just as much from standing still and thinking myself into a box or cage. I was making it harder and harder to get out. Our minds can do some amazing things when we match up our abilities with some determination mixed with a lot of action. Amazing things can happen in your life if your just willing to let go of that need to have it all perfect before you step….. So start today. Hold yourself accountable for your life… its your life and no one elses.

I love the quote by Jack Sparrow ” The problem isn’t your problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.” Change our attitudes and put a little action into your life. I can’t promise it will all work out perfectly, but I can guarantee you that if you don’t have action in 10 years you will be in the exact same place you are now and not very happy about it.

Attitudes about ourselves

How do you see yourself? What does your mind tell you that never even become words.
How do you see yourself?
What does your mind tell you that never even become words.

Do you realize just how much your own personal view of your skills, abilities, over all self worth effects your every day thoughts and decisions?

I just had this idea run thought my head… whats the one thing that holds people back from doing more in life?

Think, what is it for you? Whats the one thing deep inside your psyche that has always been a mountain too tall for you to even want to attempt to climb?
I would guess for most it would be our own self worth, of our character, our looks, our abilities, our talents…. you name it we feel bad about ourselves for it.
We pick our looks apart, we make comments about ourselves that are degrading to our intelligence. We down play anything good we have done. So yeah, I think its a pretty big part of whats holding us back from being all that we could be.
Ok now that thats out there how do we fix it you ask? We start by our attitudes about ourselves. Big life changing things like this take time. Undoing all the old habits we have done for years won’t come over night. Practice practice practice. Just like any other life change we want to make about ourselves it starts by you just saying to yourself NO!!! I’m not going there anymore.
I’ll be honest here. One of my biggest hurdles has been something I HATE!!! I hate that I can’t seem to beat this one. Cussing… my parents never did it I didn’t hear my dad use a cuss word till in like 7th grade or something like that. I have worked around the maintenance field for almost 20 years that could be some reason for it, but I just can’t seem to curb it…. its under control to a point I don’t cuss in front of my kids, pretty much only close friends and at work and I feel it coming and then bam out my mouth it comes… its a part of me I do not like and hate to even type it out here… I feel like I’m telling total strangers about my weak spots.. Oh well we all have them, I’m just sharing in hopes someone else thats struggling in some other area can get a tad of strength from me being so open about it. This is a part of me I’m not proud of and when I do it I always have this apology in my head to God and later I’ll even ask for his help for me to stop it totally. Anyway… thats mine.
It has to do with the people we are and the people we are portraying. Who is the real you? This is all a part of us eroding our self worth away and having a view of ourselves that no way is close to how others see us. By taking such a negative view of our looks, abilities and or talents. We are the ones limiting our own potential in life… When we voice the fact that we can’t do something our minds will listen to what we tell ourselves over and over.
I’m not saying you need to be over board and be so cocky that no one can stand you or arrogant about how great you are.. thats over board.. there is a healthy range in there I think.
How do you start making this change? Start by your attitude and what comes out your mouth when you refer to yourself. If someone gives you a compliment say thank you instead of playing it off as a fluke or your luck or what ever. A simple thank you is fine. Stop the negative talk about yourself. Do something silly, stop calling yourself dumb or retarded as I have heard from some. Or I’m just a blond ding bat or whatever it is. Start there… when you start this you will finally open your eyes to just how much negative crap comes out your mouth about yourself let alone the things in your head that never get a voice. Starting there is perfect. Practice good positive things, let others compliment you, be gracious and humble but not negative. This is where your true transformation starts.. in your own head. If you can change these habits you are well on your way. There will be more about this subject because I’m still in this process myself hahaha. I am seeing the difference in myself in just a few months of this type of attitude. So start your new journey to a joyful life of positivity and a better out look on yourself. 🙂

More on Control and our pasts.

I have talked a lot about the need we have to control things in our lives. I think everyone does it to a certain degree but there are many reasons we try to. I think the one of the biggest is that when our own lives seem like we have no control, it gives us a sense of loss, or kind of like having no direction in your life. I think we have a hard time giving up that control … but if you think about it just how much control do we have?? Seriously? We make choices every single day, probably hundreds of them from very small to huge life changing ones. But each choice is made anyway. What forms those decisions in your life? I have talked about this in the past but i think its really important to really turn off the brain for a little bit and turn our eyes on ourselves. I have noticed many people can look at their own actions and can justify each and everything they see inside themselves, but is that a good thing? basically your having a conversation with yourself and your defending your own actions. Your being defensive with yourself… Ok think for a sec. if your going to take the time to turn and look at yourself with honest eyes and dig into all the issues we carry with us from our pasts, atleast be truthful with yourself. Take me for instance…. oh boy here we go LOL. i have dealt with envy, jealousy, greed, anger, feelings of worthlessness and thats just a few. These are all things i have had to deal with over my life time. Things that sometimes i have to go back and revisit. But the key is the willingness to take that honest look at yourself and finally drop your head and say ok lord i know i have a problem and i need to deal with it.
thats the biggest step in the whole process. Just like anything else in this life, the hardest part is taking that first step.
I look at my life and i can look back and see how much i have changed, I hope its something others see, i know my kids have, my daughter has told me anyway. Its pretty cool to look back and see that old self standing there and your just thanking God that your not that person anymore.
In my past i was kind of a small scale Paul. I didnt hunt down christians and kill them or throw them in jail but i sure did go after them and debate them into a corner and laugh at them because most couldn’t defend their faith. They would spew scripted scripture and church standards at me and i would eat them up. I loved to talk them into a corner where they couldnt do anything… I know i wasnt a very nice person when it came to this. I finally had one person that I talked to that didnt follow that normal line. In my talks with people all i wanted was for them to think on their own. Not just spew church doctrine and premade answers. I want people to think for themselves and i found that most Christians can’t or are not confident enough in their own faith to do it. I didn’t realize at the time that i was actually looking for someone to show me true faith. I didn’t see that till way later. I was looking for someone to prove me wrong and to think for themselves and not just spout out the church doctrine that they had been taught. I finally met that person that didn’t get upset when i pressed them about issues, they actually made me think about my stance on God. I found out later that it worked the same for them. They had come from a legalistic type of growing up and i guess i made them think about how they saw god and their faith also. It made me start to read and research on my own.
It was only then that i slowly started to fill that hole that i had always been trying to fill. I thank God every day for that person that unknowingly helped a wayward person finally find his way. I know with out a doubt that God used them to reach me and still does to this day.

Back to the need to control.
We seem to have that natural need to feel in control of things and when we don’t we are looking for other things to control that will make us feel better. This even goes as far as other people in our lives. What i mean is that when our lives are in trials our loved ones want our lives under control… why??? because they get stressed about us and worry and if they can get that under control it makes them feel better and they dont have to worry.. see the nasty chain of control this causes? The fact is we have no control we may think we do but we really don’t. So the reason i bring this up is that many times God will reach you and take absolute control away from you in any way. Trust me on this its a tough lesson to learn but if learned quickly its very valuable. It means you can get comfortable with God having control and lose that need to grab for the reins just to feel secure…. because he is your ultimate security anyway… people will always fail us with out a doubt, we can never be all the right things for someone all the time. Does this mean that we stop making friends or distrust everyone or isolate ourselves? No way. I’m guessing that we have failed just as many other people as we have felt failed on. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but failed them the same. IF you isolate yourself your just asking the enemy to come set up camp. When we isolate ourselves we lose a way to filter our thoughts. There is a great value in a friend that you can trust to talk to that knows you and isn’t going to sugar coat stuff to please you but will also come at you in love and kindness that helps you be open with them. I personally think this is a way over looked thing. Having someone to just tell your thoughts to is so important someone that will listen no matter how crazy your thoughts might be they are still your thoughts and some times just hearing yourself say them out loud can bring a clarity to your mind… its like in your mind this made total sense but hearing yourself say it out loud is like What in the world was i thinking…. been there done that myself.
There are all kinds of reasons we try to gain control over things. But in the End God is the one that has control of it all.. we may never be able to understand it and will only find out the why’s when we get to heaven but thats Faith… Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. (Hebrews 11:1 NLT)
If this is true then don’t ya think we can let go of the need for control and let god take the reins of your life? If this is true then why do we have this need to know whats going to happen tomorrow before we act today? If this is true then we do as one of my closest friends in the world has said to me many times… ” we make decisions based on the knowledge we have at the time and move forward with God leading” Those words i will carry till the day i die.
No going backwards to critic your decisions, no living in the past because of what seems like mistakes in your life. Looking back is not fair to yourself. you have a lot more experience than you did then to see the issue with. Let it go and stop letting a past that cant be changed form a future thats has endless potential.


Diets and losing weight…. There are days when I get asked 2-4 times a day what diet I’m doing. LOL i just reply well I just eat better, I eat cleaner and try to eat more natural stuff less processed stuff. But they persist to know what name of the diet it is. Grrrrrrr Let me explain how this works. Diet plans are made to fail. They change your diet totally around….. the grape fruit diet, The adkins diet, the south city hobo diet… OMG there is a name for every diet and books and food to be sold with it. HELLO if you have to buy a book or buy food to be a part of this diet then drop it like a bad habit.
The question that you need to ask yourself is. If i got on this diet and i lose weight, can i maintain it? Can i eat this way for the rest of my life? Thats the question for you to answer. If its no then forget it. After a lot of research and asking Dr’s about it. The closest diet i come to is the paleo diet and not really when i get right down to it. But its more focused on getting your food back to its basic type as possible. The less processed food the better. Now it goes into no grains and no bread and flour and stuff. I don’t do that and I’m not strict on it at all. I have tested this and its true you can work out all you want but if your diet is crap you will only get to a given point and it wont be where you want to be your weight is 70-80% diet and 20-30% gym time and workouts. Take this statement to heart.. YOU CANNOT WORKOUT ENOUGH TO DEFEAT BAD EATING HABITS!!!! There i said it….. No truer statement ever said. Cause i tried it with out changing my diet. lol I did crossfit 5 days a week for 6 months walked ran 5.5-7 miles a day. I lost weight yes but i got to a certain point and stopped I looked better but still had my spare tire. stuck at 210 for months and was getting mad then i finally had to come to terms with my diet. I got it under control and dropped my soda and took up water. lots of it. i got down to 193 at my lowest, but that was just another 2-3 months so yeah its true.
So Drop the “hey what diet are you doing” attitude and eat clean.
You might ask what is that. simply here it is… drink nothing but water, about 1/2 -1 gallon each day. eat more protein. Eggs are great, chicken fish, even red meat is ok. Eat more snacks, Almonds were my go to more good protein. No fruit juice.. there is to much sugar in them. Eat the fruit instead. in my lunch normally is 2 carrots and 2 apples bag of almonds and my chicken salad with cranberries and chicken . spread out your eating. Oh and make sure to eat…. get up earlier fix a breakfast. i have 3 cubes of cheese a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese 3 eggs some sliced strawberries handful of blue berries and a whole wheat toast with a little butter and jelly. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that if a product ever says fat free or less fat it means its full of chemicals to make it that way. Fat when eaten isn’t stored as fat. Our bodies know how to process natural fats like in meats and avocados and other natural foods. Our bodies recognize these. its the fake stuff that our body is like ok what is this ok ill store it for later.So your actually better off eating the real fat in moderation and drop the fat free junk. There are many studies on this just starting to come to light i think. I would have to refer to my Dr friend on that.
Dont over complicate it. more water, more exercise, less portions more meals a day more healthy snacks. Its that simple.

Fighting for truth

Always fight for your truth
Always fight for your truth

There is one thing that i have been told about a lot but never really believed much. When God calls you to do a paticular thing, that all kinds of things will rise up to try and stop you. The places it can come from are amazing too. Well meaning even faithful people that are “trying to look out for your best interest.” The problem is that they are undermining your faith to keep themselves from having to worry about you. Many people want you inside a nice box thats all safe for you and never exposes you to any risk because it scares them for you.
The one thing it has done for me is that i never doubt what someones story of faith is. No matter how odd it sounds. I have had some equally odd things happen to me that i can not explain. I have gone through extreme times of stress and anxiety and during a heartfelt prayer with tears streaming down my eyes and in an instant it all be gone and a feeling of peace and comfort takes over. In the instance that comes to mind the most is one of truth. I knew the ways God had reached me in my past but when life doesnt seem to be lining up with those things we tend to doubt the previous things that we knew were truth. Thats how doubt worry and second guessing can get us off course. That is when you have to really fight your way through those moments. Thats when our faith can rise above all the junk or we wallow in the doubts and have what charles stanley calls wavering faith. meaning your back and forth all the time in believing what Gods truths are in your life.
My favorite scripture about it is in 2 chronicles 20
He takes a path thats different than many would think and one that i can really relate to and feel is right up my alley. Many people plead with God to save them from their current circumstances or to give them strength to endure. Instead Jehoshaphat basically called God out and asked that he honor the promises he had made to his people. He asked that God honor those promises. Thats something a think a lot of people are afraid to do. It scares them to take that firm stance with God. But i think he is asking us to. I think he would want us to remember those promises he gave us and recall them. Thats what our faith is all about. If you look at the stories in the bible they refer back to god acting in their past to build their confidence for the job he had for them at the present.
So what gets me is that as christians we are not to bow to the world view of things. but yet when we have wavering faith we do it all the time. We fall back on what our selfish mind think a lot of the time and when we can get others to help justify it in our minds we begin to turn away from those truths that God laid on us. How quickly we forget things that gave us so much strength in our recent past.
When God lays something on your heart. You stick to it. He has a purpose for it and it will probably be hard and there will be days when you see nothing good every happening. There will be days when it seems like it will never happen and that what your seeing is the total opposite of what he showed you. Gods path is never the easy route and its usually laced with all kinds of things that can pull you off and people that are more than happy to help.
Its taken me a while to finally figure it out and i think i have talked about it in other stuff. But You have got to fight for it. You have got to grab a hold of those places and those god given events in your life and refer back to them. Use them as a reset point or a save point. When your full of doubts and worry and anxiety about a subject. Go back to those thing and remember what they were, what it felt like, the feeling you had when it happened. I have several for me and im so thankful for them. Gods worked in my life in ways i could never have imagined and one day I will be able to look back and say “See i stuck it out I believed in the things you told me God. When others didn’t and i was the only one willing to believe.” When others tried to talk me away from where you had me. I didnt listen to them, i heard you through it all.
It’s usually only after we go through the trials of life can we look back and see many of the lessons we were learning at the time and didnt know it. But you see all the areas God had worked back then that you didnt even know about then. Or times when you see that prayers were answered as you were making them.. I have had that happen too after going back with a friend and looking at timing of stuff. Its all really amazing and i wouldnt trade my experience for anything in the world. As hard as life can be and as gut wrenching and heart aching as it is, I can say personally i have learned more and grown as a man, and a man of God, more than i ever would have if i hadn’t had to face these trials. Turning and facing those fears that rise up “the giants” in your life that are wanting to smash you into the ground. That stand there towering over you trying to make you not move, to make you so fearful that your decisions are guided by it. Standing tall in the face of those fears with a sling and a stone in your hand standing defiantly saying to yourself “NO MORE!! I will not be a victim or led by you any longer…” start that sling spinning with a practiced arm… release that stone to sink it deep into the giants head to finally realize that you can fight. God wants valiant warriors that will fight for him and his cause not cower in fear or run when tested. Rise up and fight for yourself to become all your supposed to be.

Getting fit for a new reason today

Getting fit for a new reason now.!!

Push your limits!!!! I can not stress this enough. This goes for your whole life not just for fitness and exercise.
I talk to many people in my day and I see probably 90% of them have never pushed themselves physically since high school, some never. They don’t know what they are capable of because they have never been driven to try. They see others that do and think wow I wish I could do that, but they never put forth the effort to even try. To me this kind of scary. Especially since the killing of Hailey Owen here in Springfield MO. A 10 year old that got kidnapped on her way home from school. One of the major reasons I train and push my body to new limits is that I want to know that if I am ever in the position to protect my loved ones, friends and family. I want to have a body that is capable of doing just that. I train with my gun, I carry also for the exact same reason. If I am ever in a position to have to chase someone, wrestle with someone or fight someone for my life or my kids or someone I love, then I know without a doubt I am stronger more fit and more capable of taking this person out than he is of me.
I couldn’t live with myself if I had to watch my kid getting taken off in a car because I wasnt in shape enough to run and catch them before he got them in the car. Knowing I had made the choices in life that took that option away from me. I just couldn’t live with myself.
So if your sitting there reading this. Thinking yeah I need to get into shape… look around you. If you had to carry someone out of a burning house or chase a kidnapper or fight for your own life. How would you fair with the status of your body right now? How far could you push yourself?? You don’t know because you have never had to. Your body would give out before your will would because your body has been feed crap and neglectied for years.
This is not a guilt trip. This is fact. I dont care what type of fitness program you use. I dont care how much you can lift, I dont care how far you can run or how fast. I care that the benefits you will gain from it are far greater than a good looking body. You gain self worth, confidence, ability and clear thinking. You gain the ability to protect your loved ones.
In my opinion if your not at least taking some small steps to do better (especially now after this event) then your putting your family at risk and asking others around you to take care of you and your family. I can tell you now, I would chase after any one taking any kid or even adult for that matter. It doesn’t have to be mine and I would expect the exact same from anyon else.
By not ever having pushed your physical limits your limiting yourself in so many ways. DO NOT DO THAT… take some responsibility for your self and your body. This is now beyond getting fit to feel good about yourself. This is about taking care of all those around you and being prepared to take on the evil that is in this world I personally want to be in shape to take on every challenge that comes at me be it a person or a life challenge. So what do you say? Start today, yesterday is gone….. let it go…. start today.. take the stairs… park farther away, put down the donut and soda, drink more water…. It’s not going to just do it on its own.